[ARC] Operation Jove Observatory Healthcare

Fellow Capsuleers

While the Triglavian menace continues, their possible relationship to the Drifters remains an important topic of research. Signal Cartel and the Arataka Research Consortium concluded Operation Jove Observatory Healthcare in order to update and double-check the common lists of Jove Observatories sighted in k-space systems. The Observatories also mark the systems where unidentified wormholes into the Drifter Hive systems might appear. Today we provide to you the latest list of Confirmed Jove Observatories for further research or exploration. Since we saw several Jove Observatories salvaged and ultimately destroyed in the past, the list is an ongoing project and will see further updates in the future.

Further Background

Over the last quarter of YC121, ARC took a closer look at the unidentified wormholes, connecting k-space to the five Drifter Hive systems. During Project JuRE we discovered some anomalies in the data we had gathered, regarding the position and distribution of Jove Observatories. However, we put that aside for the time being.

Last month, the Jove Observatories suddenly came back on our agenda. During Operation Unveil, when we were hunting for Triglavian Stellar Accelerators, one pilot discovered by accident that the list of Jove Observatories we usually used showed a significant number of wrong entries. That was when we decided to no longer tolerate these aggregated inconsistencies.

In collaboration with Signal Cartel we compared all the common lists publicly available and double-checked them for contradictions and wrong entries. This includes the lists provided by Schildwall, Zekariis, ARC’s projects mentioned above, and others.

I want to thank all of the restless pilots who checked over 1,400 systems in a four day period. My special thanks go to the top scouts Mako Koskanaiken, Void Raven, Aldar Roanaok, Palis Airuta, Moth Eisig, Alicia Kaundur and Ashterothi. They all flew the friendly and dangerous skies to gather the data.

Ways to contribute

While we consider our results reliable, the investigation of reports on dis- or re-appearing , even wandering, Jove Observatories continues. Also, we hope to glean some information on the early days of their decloaking through the comparison of different Jove Observatory lists. But those topics are of academic interest.

As you can see from the Confirmed Jove Observatories list above, some old records still need to be reviewed. Also, we plan to comb through every region, system by system, since we have many unconfirmed negative observations.

Feel free to contact me if you want to contribute in some way. I gladly discuss with you the details of what still needs to be checked and what not. This specifically addresses newly licensed capsuleers whom we offer a reward for their help. The old fox is also welcome, of course.


Haria Haritimado


As coordinator emeritus, I would like to thank Haria Haritimado-haani personally for her leadership on the un-glamorous but absolutely essential work that is this project. While often we naturally focus on headlines, world-changing events, and so on, this project is exactly the sort of work that forms the foundation of continued excellence in exploration and research.

You have my gratitude, Haria.

I would also like to extend those thanks to the pilots of the Consortium and Signal Cartel and others who assisted with this essential work; without you, projects like this would easily grow too large for a single pilot to achieve.

This is good work.


Omedeto Haria San.

A robust back-end is necessary for the accessible front-end.

Keep up the good work, there is still plenty about the universe to explore. :kissing_heart:


Fellow Capsuleers

Just a brief update. All available older lists have now been checked. As by today we report 1018 solar systems with confirmed Jove Observatories. This reflects a continuing decrease over time (from about 1264 reported in the early days), assumedly caused by salvaging, decomposition, deconstruction, or data errors.

We now continue to fill the gaps and confirm the negative reports of the past. However, for operational purpose, the confirmed positives are the crucial part.

Fly safe,

Haria Haritimado


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