[ARC] Anomalous Sleeper activity investigative work


Sleepers drones appear to have initiated an infrastructure expansion in known space using stripped-down vessels, and appear to have been salvaging materials from Jovian and possibly Talocan infrastructure previously unknown to us. Acknowledging both this and the redirection of Drifter battleship assets to the Abyss to combat the Triglavian Collective, it would appear that these Sleepers, likely as Drifter allies, are seeking to either recover from prior losses of infrastructure, or to expand their infrastructure base. This also appears to be coupled with a cessation of Drifter attacks against known-space research infrastructure, though whether this is a temporary or long-term shift in operational priorities is unknown.

At this point, ARC seeks assistance with and comment on the following:

  • Verification of rumors that Drifter and Lancer patrols in known space are attacking vessels with Triglavian data streams on-board. Rumors not accurate per Umbre Fallenstars
  • Entosis testing of any known space Sleeper, Drifter, or Jovian infrastructure outside of previously-encountered Jovian observatories and Sleeper/Drifter-mediated wormhole stabilizing gear.
  • Solicitation of comment from CONCORD or other authorities on emergent threat cases, suitable for determining task priorities, risk assessments, and so on.
  • Verification of parameters mediating Drifter cruiser and battleship deployments in known space.
  • Data collection on Talocan wreckage in close proximity to certain Jovian facilities, to determine relative age, reason for proximity, and so on.
  • Data collection relating to newly-discovered destroyed Sleeper enclaves to verify both that these are not remnants from prior anti-Sleeper Agency tasks; additionally, verifying possible attackers.
  • Mapping of Enclave internal environments in preparation for field tests of boarding equipment in a relatively controlled environment.

For those seeking to assist with this investigative group, the ‘Consortium Operations’ or ‘Arataka Communications Router’ neocom channels are suitable contact venues. Alternatively, for those pilots with prior history working with ARC, please contact me for Galnet comms protocols.




Yesterday I wanted to try some of the listed thing, but had only the time to do the first one.

I took all triglavian data I had (except vaults because I don’t have any, still looking to buy some ^^ ) and got to a patrol of lancer.

I followed them and made sure I was scanned multiple time, to no avail.

I was not attacked.

I also jettisoned some data stream, but they didn’t looked interested.

Will try to test the rest later on.

EDIT:: I don’t know if it’s reflecting a reality but my standing toward drifter faction is positive


Thank you for looking into that, Umbre! It’s much as I suspected, then. There are a lot of rumors out there circulating about attack parameters, so we needed to have this run down to verify it.

Edit; ah, standings! I do always wonder about that one. It’s a common enough joke on our fleets. “How do I get positive standings with Drifters?” “Well, you shoot them. But only a little bit.”


do we have a rough estimate of the location of those “infrastructure expansion” ?

are they signature? anomalies? is there combat?

EDIT: Tried again this evening with drifter (Cassandra and Artemis) on the grid, no attack from them.


Apologies for the delay! I’ll evemail you the particulars, such as they are.

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I appreciate the offer, but if you want mass data, can’t you just post it here? so others could get it without bothering you?

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Id like to see this information too.

I watched your last Discourse holoreel this morning and that reminded of something.

I live in WH space and I recently ran into a site where there was a talocan ship near what looked like a docking port.
I didn’t thought much at the time apart of “that’s odd” I don’t know if it’s an common sighting I must admit I’m no expert on talocans.


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