[ARC] Widespread Drifter attacks against capsuleer infrastructure


I’m sure you’ve already heard, but dozens if not hundreds of structures across null security space are in the process of being reinforced by large, widespread Drifter attacks.

More as the situation develops.

Edit 1, 2332hrs UTC 26.6.121.

Novel behavior includes a sort of ‘hunting’ starburst, where Drifter fleets will align outward, and then skip-warp approximately 300km from their starting point. The purpose is as yet unknown, but the provisional theory is that this is an anti-bomber tactic, or possibly intended to hunt cloaked observers.


End, nigh, that sort of thing.

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Drifters did what NC dock could not!

Well isn’t that an unwelcome addition.
Any reports of attacks on Empire stations at this stage?

No strikes against empire space structures. At present, it may be that the Drifters and Triglavians are dividing up space.

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A cheery thought. Thanks for the update.

It appears that these Drifter strikes are focused on capsuleer controlled territory. At this time there have been no reports of increased Drifter activity within the Intaki Syndicate.

Confirmed: attacks are widespread. The full extent of the Tyrannos’ commitment to these attacks is still unknown. We will be re-fortifying Delve as a result.

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Nothing to stop the Drifters hitting anywhere they choose. Maybe the anti-Drifter measures used by CONCORD are preventing intrusion into HS and LS though.

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Recall Semiki: Drifters attacked and reinforced capsuleer structutes in the system, but CONCORD stepped in and prevented further attacks with what were said to be direct countermeasures.

CONCORD enforces no such defense in null-security space.


Direct countermeasures have been employed in KQK1-2.

Those countermeasures included blowing Drifters to bits with very large ships.

Countermeasures will be deployed across a wider range, very soon.


An update: Drifter attacks continue throughout nullsec. According to back-channel reports, they are following-up initial reinforcements of structures (Ansiblexes have cycled fast enough to be hit again), and are not subject to the standard Upwell damage limitations.

Astras have been RF’d in as little as 5 minutes from first shot.

Counter-strategies are evolving, and early tests show extreme promise, but manpower issues are likely to be serious concerns for any smaller groups, purely in terms of 24/7 gunnery coverage for every structure.

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The Drifters finished the first structure, an Ansiblex gate.


Are the Drifters coming in through WHs in each system, or just initially, then using gates to move?

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They can open their own wormholes.


I meant is this their primary means of travel or do they use gates once they enter k-space? If gates, then a gatecamp could catch them on the move maybe. If not, do their WHs open instantaneously, or is there a warning period where it’s forming?

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Even as a holy and righteous God has sent the Demons of Triglav in Judgement against highsec, so too does he send the Drifters in Judgement against nullsec. Only prayer can save us now.


Okay, this is really alarming.


Or you can get off your pontificating rear and join in with the action


I know this was a joke, but I’m going to be serious with it.

Is it? Honestly? Drifters hitting capsuleer stations. Triglavians invading core worlds. Sansha and Blood Raiders doing it too.

I am worried.