I’ve recently come across 60-100 Drifter Bs’s that were reffing a structure. They were anchored to a main ship and just orbited the structure reffing it.

We tried a cormorant fleet and died. We tried to bomb them but got quickly poped the second we launched those bombs.

Anyone got better success at killing them?


Where? Also, if you piss of lancers backup will come. Maybe this was QRF fleet?

There were multiple reports of drifter fleets.
I’m curious if this was indeed intentional, at least CCP could do is say if drifters come back when armor/hull timers come out of reinforce.
If not, then why ref a structure and just leave it there?
On the other hand, what small alliance can take on 100+ drifter fleets that burn down your structures?


HAHA oh my, that would make a excellent desktop background right before she blows!

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It’s a whole thing. The invasion is finally here it seems. Look at reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/

Apparently it’s “working as intended.”


There is no such thing with working as intended as long as CCP doesn’t post something useful, not rumors and nonsense. Reddit is not CCP management or Dev team, just a bunch of guys giving opinions.
This kind of massive shifts in game design should NOT be randomly generated or implemented.
I would like to have something official about this, like anything…


A few people posted screenshots of conversations with GMs with them saying the feature is working as intended

Why? This situation is incredible. I hope CCP keeps their mouth shut and just plays their cards. I want to see where this goes.

I disagree. Also we’ve had 3 years of hints that this would eventually happen.


You do realize that we are talking about a feature that was not announced officially and could possibly be the greatest isk sink since Eve came out. Don’t talk about conversations with GM’s, we are talking about proper announcement, not backstabbing low life implementations of features that can possibly make or break the game.
We are talking about a random feature that can purge out whole regions structures without the possibility of player to properly react (no damage cap on drifter fleets) not to mention the fact that this drifter fleets are way bigger and way stronger than any alliance can muster in normal conditions.
So you are just saying that, to hell with the little corps/alliances that worked maybe years for getting a hold of a small region of space just to be destroyed overnight by RNG.
We are not in some kind of 3’rd world country where everything is happening backstage or some kind of underground black market. We are talking about a sandbox pvp game where, especially here, or at least here to be something TRANSPARENT.
And yes, hints are one thing, but till the moment of implementation the proper information of player base is the right and fare thing to do.
Also, I don’t mind anything that is happening, don’t get me wrong…I even like it…but man…inform people of what you are doing…


I think you’re in the minority here. Most people are reacting positively to this development.

I just disagree with you so wholeheartedly but don’t want to argue with you or insult your opinion. Good luck!


So in your opinion GM is not good source of informations? What you need more Hilmar announcement that they finaly decided to do something with null trashing game economy?

It’s also about lore. Invasion from nowhere without alert, sudden attack etc.

I guess we didn’t wait long to find one person ranting while everyone love this drifters attack. Who really cares that biggest null groups will lose some billions here and there? They make more per day.


I’ve read about the drifter battleships with the doomsday weapons being nigh-impossible to tank.

Seriously, what would be required to counter a drifter fleet of 100 bashing a citadel? Can anyone who has tried to do this give some fleet / technical specifics?

You really understand me wrong here, I’m not saying that I don’t like it, I do. I don’t like the way it has been implemented. And a GM talking to a guy is not an Official Announcement, even if that guy is pressident of Russia and the GM was head of CCP, if you consider that it is then I cannot argue with that.
Also is not hard to give it at least in patch notes a thing like drifter invasions can spawn anywhere and can kill everyone and everything . To be honest that should have been enough.

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One person on reddit mentioned that there seems to be a correlation between the drifter invasions and the presence of a drifter wormhole. This information is unverified and uncorroborated however.

If it’s true than the best defense would be to roll the wormhole shut.

Also in suitonia’s stream yesterday several folks in chat suggested the drifters can be led away from a structure by simply warping on grid with them and then warping off, and they may follow you.

I know with reasonable certainty that if you go into a drifter wormhole and then leave you become “marked” and the drifters will chase you, sometimes even jumping gates.

Much of this is basically hearsay, but at the moment that’s all we really have.


-they can scramble from extreme range, at least 100km. Some players are reporting 500km scrams.
-they can apply their damage from equally long ranges and with near perfect tracking
-they’re extremely aggressive

So basically, don’t try to fight them. If you see them on grid, run.

They seem way more powerful then the drifters found in abyssal sites. I know that those only got like 1/10 of the hp, but you can pretty much tank/kite one or more without problems. Why are this versions that much stronger?

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Regular drifters are equipped with a doomsday weapon, whereas the abyssal ones only have their standard “Lux Kontos” suspended weaponry and reduced damage output.

Nice info, so a fleet of 100 is atm pretty impossible to kill even you field cap fleets. They will just DD everything and reduce everything to ash :smiley:

Pretty much.

I know deathstar POS’s can engage and kill them. I’m not sure if they’re attacking poses though. You used to be able to get them to follow you to a poss and them kill them with said pos. I wonder if anyone is doing this right now.

Another thing that is a bit worrying is that with the new NSA change on carriers/supers and the bastion modules on marauders or rorqual core you are stuck in place, you can now have a drifter spawn on top of you and kill you with no way of fighting back because they are clearly op?
Since when RNG like this is healthy for a game? If you want RNG they should have kept it in the abysals.
One thing is a guy/fleet ganking and another is random npc’s that can spawn with op powers and kill you.
Anyway this is just a thought and I’m sure that in the next couple of days and weeks we will have an answer.


That is already happening:

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So drifters in wh, only warp to celestials, maybe in ns structures were added to that.
You should be able to see them in dscan.