CCP and the Driffters


why have you been so silent regarding, what appears to be a major change in mechanics. While I personally do not have a major opinion on them either way, the decision to release this new AI on the player base without any form of meaningful notification and or responses to the player concerns is shady to say the least.

These new drifters are very powerful, they appear without notice or warning and are not something a lone pilot or in many cases a group of pilots cannot deal with. Add to this, that these new drifters are attacking player structures, causing the owners of those structures to scramble to deal with a random (non player threat). These new drifters are not bound by the same rules the players are, regarding damage caps. These damage caps were put in place to give structure owners time to muster a defense.

Again i have no real opinion on the mechanics themselves. However the failure to announce, discuss and or even acknowledge these mechanic changes is one of the worst business models for both product and player growth i have seen in a very long time.

CCP, you have been silent long enough. If you are not willing to discuss your product with your customers then perhaps something is very wrong with the product.


But the cap in question is not based on the person doing the damage, its based on the damage the structure itself is receiving. Its a structure side thing. So why wouldn’t they be effected damage is damage?

if you read the EULA, they don’t have to tell us anything. and the GM’s have admitted that this is intended. If hi Sec get’s Trigs invading, then why not the drifters invade null.


Everything to this point has always been just PvE content added for the player base. As that did not really effect the large NS blocks, coupled with the major issues in NS that are very hard to address, a relief valve was needed.

CCP choose to not directly effect players though ore availability or ship nerfs as that would directly hurt some very powerful voices (rorq fleets and their backers). Instead they chose to somewhat threaten assets in the hopes to cull the herd, so to speak.

Problem is, they are adding a content type that those dealing with it will quickly tire of as they din’t want it in the first place.

This is a dangerous sign from CCP and as the Mittani eluded to, could really backfire on them…



The Trig invasion of high sec is great, gives me an opportunity to test fits out :blush:


I think it’s fantastic and a great way to get players engaged and interested.

If CCP were to release all of the mechanics well in advance, we would have long realized that this isn’t actually a big a deal than we thought it was. But at least for a good week, the community overall had some fun thinking about “what ifs” and “how abouts” as we scrambled to try and figure this new thing out.

Sucks that you think it’s a chore to learn how a new mechanic works, though. Several hundreds in my alliance thought it was really cool being caught off guard like this and working madly to figure things out, sharing details and information and the like.


I totally agree with you…for HS and even LS…

But it’s the wrong crowd to be pulling this on in Null…

The Triglavian Invasion is taking place in High and Low.
The Drifter Invasion is taking place in Nullsec.

I think Nullsec is the perfect place and crowd for this event.
The Drifters don’t drop loot (because why would they need to, it’s already too easy to farm in Null), and they pose a (minor) threat to abandoned and unsupported structures.

Given that Nullsec is where most of the structure spam is, I think it’s the best place to introduce NPCs that at least shoot structures and create timers.


So NPC/AI is the solution to the area of the game most PvP orientated.

That kinda doesn’t make sense…wouldn’t it have made more sense to initiate something that would have instigated more wars (which is what they want)?

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Reading some of the responses along the lines of “We don’t want this PVE in Null” makes we wonder what the response would be if CCP responded with “Fine, no PVE at all in Null”.


Where did CCP say this was their intended goal with the Drifters?


so ratting PVE style doesn’t happen in null… yea ok.


I don’t think that’s the point Runa is making, as she mentioned The Mittani’s comments earlier.

There’s always lots of pve going on in null, but the core of the game is about the pvp (whether you believe in blue donuts or not).

As a result of the drifter action, one war has been cancelled to go and protect assets and 2 other wars have been canned at this point.

So PVE has replaced PVP and that may not be the right approach for null.

Some in null love the drifter attack though and want CCP to go further, but that’s not a universal view.

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These drifters are not new. Highsec encountered them ages ago. and dealt with them. You guys have already pretty solved it as well.

So why the crying?


Don’t take the bait, people.

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I think the biggest issue overall is that the Drifter attacks aren’t subject to the damage cap, based on a fair amount of intel so far.

Seems they reinforce the structures very quickly, not giving much time to get a defence online/in system.

As per the OP, there seems to have been no announcement of that change.

Then why is everyone crying over everything but that.
I get that it’s a bug that the DDs bypass damage cap. But address it as a bug, rather than rage over the whole thing about how dare CCP actually do something without getting player permission first.


Did you read the OP?

That seems to be what he is mostly on about.

An entire run on paragraph on how the AI is new…
When it got used ages ago on highsec.

A long part paragraph on how it’s unfair to new or solo players.
When null players love to tell people to suck it up.

Oh there we go, half a paragraph on the damage cap mechanics.

Followed by a paragraph of generic rant about how dare CCP not announce things in advance about changes to Npcs.
When again, it’s been highsec eating a lot of this recently anyway.

So yeah… When 5/6s of a rant is about different things, I think it’s pretty fair to call it out about crying about different things that aren’t even true in some cases. And clearly it’s not about the changes but about the fact that it’s impacted null.


Take it however you like Nevyn.

But claiming everyone is crying about everything but CCP’s silence on the change, in a thread where the OP specifically mentions it, well, yeah ok, that’s normal.

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