Highsec equivalent to the nullsec Drifters please


with the smashing success that is the Drifters, now warping to belts and anomalies, too, with up to 20 attacks per day per system, and nullsecers jumping for joy, I request sharing the love. Why giving Null all the fun and leaving Hi out?

Make Triglavians now invade every system in Hisec and warp into mission sites, also reinforce every player-owned structure in every system.

Equal opportunity fun, no one gets left behind.
The expansion is called “invasion” after all, isn’t it. Make it so, CCP. People are repeating that “this is good for EVE”, right? Then it must be true, and doubling down on this must have profound, healthy effects.

While he brings up a valid point, the counterpoint is CCP wants to stomp out the bots I guess?

I was told nulsec is the EVE endgame; the place for the best and most experienced players go. I suppose those that can’t thrive there under any condition that CCP creates ought to come back to hisec. Then again, if hisec had the Drifter experience too those players would have to go tot losec.


The Drifters come with 1 Battleship and 2 Cruisers, 5000 DPS. They lock instantly and scramble over 100km.

Why only let the nullsecers have all the fun?
It’s an experience everyone in Hisec could cherish, too.

Alternatively, make the Drifters equal to how the Triglavians run Hisec right now, but that wouldn’t be “good for EVE”, would it? According to the forums or reddit, and those people would know, they’re experts, aren’t they?

Let’s get this show on the road. Triglavians for everyone, 5k DPS instant-lock packs in 1 out of 10 missions.

The more destruction, the better.

Though if the strength of the rats goes up, the rewards in highsec should to. No NPC POCO tax, nullsec ticks, etc.

The more risk the better, but balanced by opportunity too.

But the rewards in Nullsec went down. No valuable loot at all.

Since this is a GoodThing™, Triglavians in Hisec need to have their loot removed, too. We don’t want to spoil the whole thing.

The butthurt is strong with the OP.

More null tears please!


Not tears. Willing to spread the :heart: love :heart:

What, you don’t like love, you monster?

Someone’s mad.


Don’t be mad. Feel the love :sunny:

:rofl: It’s kind of like I said on another post. If you’re not in null sec right now, you can’t really understand the perspective. Also, those of us in null can’t really understand the high-sec perspective either, so…

I just love the way this post has gone, though. Trying to compare what high sec has dealt with vs. what null sec is dealing with now is practically impossible. Sadly, the energy it takes to type said information is literally wasted.

I do, however, think it would be insanely comical if the Trigs somehow caught a dose of this Drifter AI and started just bumping every high sec miner 100s of KMs and then started destroying every player and npc owned structure in systems…ultimately devolving into some sort of faction warfare scenario that made the Amarr, Caldari, Galente, AND Minmatar factions go into a NIP/NAP scenario so we could have a blue doughnut-hole to go along with the ultimate blue doughnut that is currently taking shape in null…ultimately ending faction warfare altogether and forcing everyone to just ‘get along’ in one giant blue map of New Eden. :+1: :laughing:

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You should rewrite your OP to be a bit less obvious butt-hurt-ness. It would be more effective.

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Sorry, too old IRL to know what OP means. Please, explain.

Oh, original post…just looked it up, lol. Nah, not editing the original. I’m still currently laughing at my own thoughts and can’t be bothered with a rewrite. Maybe tomorrow… :innocent:

I replied to the Original Poster talking about the quality of his Original Post, not your post just before me.

Ah, I’m an old guy and forum noob. Sorry for my ignorance. I see the arrow with a pic now. :sweat_smile:

It’s called FOB and has been in highsec for ages.


What’s FOB?

They are stomping out more than just the bots atm and trust me it isn’t what you think and it isn’t fun at all … these damn things are everywhere and can lock, point, web, scram you at 100+ km it isn’t fun

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Foward operating base? Enemy factions spawn bases in friendly space? Sorry again, too ignorant (not trolling) of high sec to know. Explanations would be appreciated.