The Drifter Invasion - News & Updates

Hey guys, back with a pair of new videos because I’m A) Terrible at reposting stuff here, & B) I guess this stuff technically counts as PvE, so I can’t reuse my old news topic.

As always, feedback is appreciated!

Week 1 - Initial Drifter Attacks

Week 2 - Modified Drifter Behaviour, Blackout Announced


Thanks for posting.

Maybe I missed it, your vids basically covered the various Drifter actions but didn’t touch on why it’s happening.

Sooo, strictly in relation to lore, why are the Drifters invading Null Sec space?

By the way, nice suit and tie.


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We don’t really know, but I have a lore video with @Ashterothi coming up shortly! As in, in 20 minutes from this post :slight_smile:

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And here it is! A full explanation of the storyline as we know it so far;


Hey man, I watch all your videos. Good stuff. My head is still spinning from the missile math video. There are aspects of missiles that I’ve misunderstood for like a decade. xD

Can’t wait to watch the new video!


Glad you enjoy the content, and that I could help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the follow up.

So Concord now has technology that inhibits Drifters from invading Empire space and due to the Triglavians showing up in Empire space, the Drifters decide to invade Null Sec space.

Guess Concord gained that tech from encounters with Drifter ships that were checking out the Jovian Observatory’s in Empire space?

Well, I’m definitely confused now.

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