Drifters arent Jove, Triglavians are, and we are killing the wrong faction

My theory is that the Drifters are not Jovian, they are alien, and are using our clones because they dont have that technology, and it makes their technology better. They travel using the hives and the vortexes that are near them.

The vortexes are practically massive wormholes that go through more than 2 systems, and may even be able to go anywhere in the universe. They go in through their 5 hive systems and can attack anywhere, and thats why we see them in Abyssal space, along with K and J space.

The Triglavians are jove because of their bioadative tech gives them a chance to mutate and survive the disease. They know that drifters are the main threat, so they use their tech to attack them.

The Caroline star is leftover from a explosion caused by a drifter super weapon, and thats why the jovians (or whats left) live in abyssal space instead of k space. They probably have fought the drifters before and we did not know about it. The explosion is what shut down the gates, and even possibly destroyed their systems.

Tell me what yu think about my theory!

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Quote of Draugr Bennington:

Dec '17
I have been reading the lore of the Yan Jung culture that disappeared some thousands of years ago and that no one knew what happened to them.

“The Yan Jung nation immigrated into our world through the EVE Gate eons ago. From where, we do not know, though the fragments of texts we’ve managed to translate talk about a mysterious middle kingdom.”

Personally, this is another pandora’s box that was expected to be an expansion with star systems to colonize. Not bitter in the slightest but out of the available factions in the old COSMOS details there is a sympatico between the Talocan and Yan Jung in the Triglavian model. (Measured against their specialities and history)

As for the reasons for Sleeper / Drifter / Triglavian (+Drone) Warfare; there really is no answer to the question cui bono? (for who is it a benefit)

Say for example the Talocan engineered the Kyonoke Plague to infiltrate and biologically exterminate the Jove after causing the Yan Jung to retreat into the ‘middle kingdom’.
There would be no short term gain for the Drifters to crusade firstly into the assassination of Jamyl Sarum for the Amarrian role in civilized Sleeper Enclave implant harvesting or secondly into a war of attrition against their old cancerous friends the Triglavians.

Last gasps/spits are the kind of avoidable tears any proponent of logic would avoid as it’s Mutually Assured Destruction.

If, through some bizarre string of coincidences, the Jovian bloodlines were still at war to remain influential in the affairs of New Eden then opening the safe spaces that house some of the more splintered factions would be even more self destructive than awarding the capsule technology to New Eden’s survivors (post EVE-gate collapse and post ancient civilisation collapses).

What if the non-linear teleportation of regions of space time accounted for both the mysterious middle kingdom and abyssal deadspace? The ensuing conflict would still be a measured loss.

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