Drifters are not human, and they destroyed the Jove

After some thoughts and discussions, people located J-Space to be somewhere north of old Jovian space, in that general area connecting to their region. J-Space is ruled by sleepers, and their ruling drifters, in all systems. They also have a few systems known as hives, where there are massive portals that go to un known places.

I came up with a theory that explains what happened to the Jovian race , and this explains multiple phenomena throughout new eden.

I suspect that a very long time ago the Drifters and Jovians came in contact, either the drifters were the attackers, or the jove were. They started a war that the Jove lost, and the drifters started to take over new eden.

In more detail, after first contact, the drifters attacked the Jove with a Bio weapon, which is the disease that supposedly killed off the jovians, even though it was a weapon. The Jove fought the drifters north of the home region where new eden is, in J-Space, which explains some battleground in wormhole space, and retreated back home when they found out that a mysterious disease was killing off their people.

The drifters then launched a full on assault into the home region, and it destroyed the the capital systems, which explains carolines star, which was a massive explosion. In the battles the region was destroyed, which is now what we call abyssal deadspace. The gates shutdown to prevent the drifters from coming here, or were destroyed in result of the war.

The jovians died out except for a few, who re made their tech to fight the drifters, the tech is what we now call triglavian tech.

The observatories also de cloaked because of the grid being shutdown, because the jovians watched us for years.

Mutaplasmids are to keep the Jovian from dying

The structures in abyss space are not to kill drones, they are meant to kill the drifter weapons, and thats also why the triglavian ships have so much dps.

The drifters have human origins. They aren’t alien.
Their roots appear to be in the second jovian empire.
Caroline’s star was a Talocan (I think) nexus of wormhole generators that got damaged in the seylin incident and went supernova.
Inheritance Chronicle I think it is covers some of this.

Short version as I am on the phone.

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We know stuff,OP doesnt

Jove disease came from over modding their bodies wrecking their dna causing them to die off due to genetics.

Oh. And standard J space is SE of the new eden cluster a thousand or two L.Y. I believe. you used to get ranges to pos towers etc so people triangulated original J space.

I’m not actually sure it is. The Eve Map is an abstract really, rather than an actual map. You can see that really clearly on the in game map using the different viewing options. Each system has a set of 3D co-ordinates, and clustered around its seed point, in a virtual 3D space. That’s a feature of the game engine, with K-space I think it relates to what you see from that system, for J-Space it’s part of the wormhole connection system and for Abyssal it’s the entry point and view. Dungeon Master, from Signal Cartel generated a 3D map using data from the autopilot, it’s more a function of the game rather than real distances. Real space moves all the time, New Eden doesn’t.

The Jovians are a big group, Talocan, Takmahl and Yan Yung are separate but Jovians, Sleepers and Triglavians are all offshoots of the same race. They are seen as different clades.

“Ouria and I went through a wormhole gate into a system in the Anoikis network that contained a Second Empire Stasis faction enclave. To cut to the essentials, we docked with the main enclave structure, a Sleeper hive as the rest of New Eden would have it, and very quickly realized what we were dealing with. Far removed as the Second Empire survivors may be in history, we of the Directorate can recognize them as our own without much trouble. At least, cladistically speaking.” From Inheritance, that’s a Jovian speaking.

The Drifters were created by the Sleepers, following the escape of the Other, possibly Others. Uriel made a really good post about it a while back. https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/404435/

So you say the word’‘cladisticly’’ refered by the jove in inheritance and the fact trig call their subgroups clades means the trig are jove?

It could be it should be given the drifter are nothing but sentient agresive programs that escaped the construct.

It’s very weird that as jovian they abandoned the core of their ship designs both angel cartel off shots of old jove tech and old jovian ships favored shields and even the drifters which use jovian tech for their ships are also shield

It points to a Jovian origin. The Jovians were a huge group and very much prone to factionalism. Sleepers are Jovian Stasis people, the others are Modifiers. Its why the Enheduanni are a good contender for being the Triglavians, they fall into the Jove heritage.

Yes, but it moves so slowly (relative) that you would not be able to notice it. Our solar system moves 514,000 mph, or about 830,000 kmh. Light moves about 186,282 miles per second ( 299,792 kilometers per second ) according to space.com. That means for 1 light year of distance, it takes a solar system ~ 1305 years to travel the same distance. Plus, gravity tends to hold stuff in their relative positions, so basically you cant notice movement, since this game is not even 2 decades old.

So, this leaves me with a few questions.

What are the hives?

Where are the jove?

What and where is Abyss Space?

Drifter hives are undoubtedly some sort of production facility/station, though they could also have other as-of-yet-unseen functions. They seem to have been the rallying points for huge Drifter fleets, which I’d assume left through the Nexus gates in order for them to invade Abyssal Deadspace en masse.

The DIRECTORATE Jove have “gone east”, so to speak, following the Caroline’s Star event - you can read about this in the Inheritance chronicle.

Abyssal Deadspace seems to be a sort of subspace that’s metaphorically (and maybe literally) right under our noses - just slightly messing with your ship’s warp field with a Filament lets you dip into a loop-construct with no issues, from literally any location. This part is my own guess, but I’d imagine the Abyss as a really turbulent and messy subspace plane parallel to regular space’s plane.

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Is that what it meant by ‘they made certain we could not follow’ ? Somehow locking the Nexus gates?

I think the Nexus gates were constructed by the Triglavians to get to the Abyss in the first place, personally - as for the “made certain we couldn’t follow” line from Grious, I’d say that refers to the Sleepers+Enheduanni using the old Ganymede Yards/Talocan IS5 Cache-gates to get to Anoikis, then shutting them all down.

Yeah, that fits in, the migration to Anoikis predates the construction of the Nexus gates.

I was hunting around, found the 3D image map, it was produced by A Dead Parrot. http://dev.evescoutrescue.com/copilot/AbyssalSpace.html

There are class 7+ wormholes wtf

Yep EVE’s database has 18 wormhole classes.

C1-C6 are the known wormhole classes
C7 is highsec, C8 lowsec, C9 nullsec
C10 is the B-HLOG constellation in Jove space
C11 is the 0VFS-G constellation in Jove space
C12 is Thera
C13 are the shattered frigate wormholes
C14-C18 are the drifter wormholes, each has its own class

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