Jove arc

As a newer player, I am interested in the backstory regarding many of the factions. However, one faction seems inaccessible and yet this creates something even more interesting. Having recently completed the SOE arc, I noticed that may standing with Jove did a complete 180. This got me thinking about who the Jove are, and how do they fit into the lore of New Eden. To that end, it would be interesting to see a story arc dedicated entirely to the Jove. I would want something consisting of at least ten missions, but not nearly the length of the SOE arc. Perhaps first mission could start with an SOE representative who has received a strange signal from a mysterious location. This could lead to an interaction with the Jove and perhaps some sort of interaction on the part of Interbus. It would be fun to have some direct interaction, even if it is only a storyline arc, with the Jove.

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funny how we have jove standings and cant work for jove but we cant have rogue drone faction and go work for the drones.

We can’t work for rogue drones, there is no NPC Region owned by them

I just think it would be interesting to have a storyline arc dedicated to the Jove. Perhaps something about a potential cure for Jovian Disease. Here is how it might work:

  1. SOE agent offers mission to investigate a mysterious signal. Find an unknown ship, access it with a relic scanner and get a datacore. Return that to the agent.

  2. Datacore reveals the location of an unknown wormhole. Mission is to investigate the wormhole. Visiting the wormhole reveals a path into Jovian space. Report back to agent.

  3. Upon return to agent, it seems that the Jove noticed you had been in their space. They want you to come back, desiring to determine your intent. You are to report to an agent of the Jove at a station near where you entered Jovian space.

  4. The Jovian agent determines you pose no immediate threat. They then task you with taking a special datacore to a scientist from Interbus. Contact agent upon arrival at Interbus station.

  5. The datacore contained advance information regarding Jovian DNA and psychology. It is then revealed that the Jove have been working secretly with Interbus and the Society of Conscious Thought on a cure for Jovian Disease. Next mission is to contact an agent for the Society of Conscious Thought.

  6. The Society of Conscious Though agent needs a special component for manufacturing a device to help with the cure of Jovian Disease. That part can only be obtained by destroying a Sleeper Drone. The drone has a base not far from where the agent is located. Destroy the drone and return with the component.

  7. Returning with the component, you are instructed to take it back to the Jovian agent.

  8. Once the component is delivered to the Jovian agent, you are tasked to contact an agent for Interbus, who will meet you at the wormhole. You are attacked by pirates who have become aware of your activities as you leave the wormhole. Once they are defeated, you are contacted by the Interbus agent, who informs you of a relic in Amarr space that is of Jovian origin, and may contain a clue regarding the original cause of Jovian Disease. Retrieve it.

  9. Upon arrival in the Amarr location, you are attacked by Sleeper drones. Once defeated, a cargo container is found containing the specified relic. Take it back to the Interbus agent at the wormhole.

  10. The Interbus agent thanks you for obtaining the relic. Upon processing, it indeed reveals the cause of Jovian Disease, and gives a good indication of its cure. You are given a datacore, and you are tasked with returning it to the Jovian agent.

  11. The Jovian agent is grateful for the datacore. They then inform you that the wormhole you have been traversing has become unstable and you will need to leave Jovian space immediately. You are told to report back to the SOE agent.

  12. The SOE agent is surprised to see you again. However, she also understands that the wormhole has collapsed and expresses hope that your actions have helped to cure Jovian disease.

Standing could be as follows:

+0.95 Jove

  • 0.005 Interbus and Society of Conscious Thought
    +0.015 SOE
    -0.005 Serpentis

Not really an epic arc, but something that allows players some contact with the Jove. Given it is mostly a courier mission, payouts would not need to exceed 200,000 ISK for any given mission. However, small amounts of rarer ores, such as Arkonor or Bistot could also be awarded for mission completion.

I know this wouldn’t be terribly exciting, and some players might be apt to just pass it up, but it would make for a good storyline mission, especially if new players want to gain more of an understanding of some of the factions within New Eden.

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Too late for that. They’re all gone.
And how would that even make sense. Compared to Jove technology anything that the empires and capsuleers have access to are mere garbage toys.

The Jove were much, much, much more advanced and couldn’t figure it out. How would it make any sense that some “dumb” capsuleer could achieve what they failed to accomplish?

Working for the Jove is as simple as giving them corpses.

They don’t care about the rest, they’re above it all.

In the scenario I suggested, the Jove are working on a cure, and a Jove artifact may hold the answer to both the cause, and the cure. Thus, it is still Jove technology, it really is just a matter of it being brought back to the Jove, who have their reasons for not retrieving it themselves. However, along with that, I suggested that other items were involved, items that relate to the Jove. I know the scenario is unlikely to be something that CCP would actually do, but I did think it was an interesting suggestion. I just think it a loss to the lore of New Eden that there is no interaction, even on a scale as limited as I proposed, with the Jove.

Well… not to rain too much on your parade… but there is a continuity issue your your proposed Epic Arc with regards to the current lore.

The story thus far:

  • The Jovians blocked off their space because they were attacked by one of the empires (the Amarr). This was before capsule tech was introduced.

  • Jovians were not dying from a “disease” per se. It was the result of near constant genetic manipulation over the eons. Basically, their DNA is FUBAR and, because they have largely lost most (or all ) of their base human instincts, they lost the will to live.

  • Jovian tech is scary powerful.
    Sansha’s Nation got ahold of their wormhole tech and, despite it being poorly put together and used, the Sansha can now invade any area of space at will (see: “Incursions” gameplay).
    There are also stories about how they can engineer semi-autonomous people/bodies to spy for them.

  • The Jovian stargate network was shorted out by the explosion of “Carolyn’s Star.”

  • The last of the contemporary Jovians died out, but not before handing over all their Empire codes and secrets to the Society of Conscious Thought.

  • Yes, I said "contemporary Jovians."
    Fun fact… those Sleepers that players have been shooting at, looting, and salvaging in Wormhole space?
    Those are Jovian drones. And those drones are protecting Jovians (locked in stasis) from a previous Jovian Empire.

  • The Drifters you see roaming about? The ones in the badass Battleships that can one-shot your ship?Those are Jovians. And they are not very friendly (probably because we have been picking through their tech and bodies for stuff to use).

Stay tuned though. The DEVs probably have more stuff planned. But they are playing the “long game.”


There’s no little contained Jove story arc because the story of the Jovians is basically the Eve myth arc. So far there’s been almost nothing of note that’s happened within the game world that hasn’t been tied, directly or indirectly, back to the Jove.

IIRC the Sleepers aren’t so much from a previous empire as they are from a splinter faction that decided on a different solution to the Jovian Disease, uploading rather than genetic manipulation. Hence the massive divergence in tech and methods.

Also IIRC the Drifters were the ones responsible for Carolyn’s Star going off and the resulting mess of wormholes when they destroyed a Talocan wormhole nexus that had been built at the system. That destabilized the entire wormhole network and created W-space as we know it today.

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Exactly. The Jove were a convenient “plot device” that the DEV’s could point to for pretty much everything (from capsule tech, to wormholes, to Tech 3 ships).

And it worked largely because there was no direct interaction with the Jove. The mystery was kept intact.

Sometimes a good story will do this to give itself some wiggle room. :slight_smile:

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I know that the Talocans were the masters of space-time tech (see: wormholes) and the Jove did study it and developed some of their own.

But if I recall correctly, wormhole space was opened up to us as a result of the Sellum(sp?) Incident. The late Amarrian Empress left a battleship retrofitted with some lost earth tech (the one that destroyed a fleet of Minmatar capital ships by itself) next to an unusual star, got Rogue drones to fill it up with an unusual element, and let it explode… causing some kind of space-time voodoo.

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Carolyn’s star blew up because it was unstable to begin with, and while it was still a little sooner that expected, the Jovians knew it would go off soon. The question on that is why would the Talocan, the most advanced faction in the history of the cluster, build that Dyson swarm around an unstable star like that.

And I stil don’t believe we have a confirmed identity of the Drifters yet. The Sleepers are confirmed to be 2nd Empire, I don’t recall a dev blog or chronicle stating who the Drifters are.

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that’s because they haven’t been made a faction yet there is a whole area that can be considered theirs.

Sorry I think you’re right and I’m conflating two different incidents. The Drifters are the ones who did Caroline’s Star, and the Sellum Incident opened up Wormhole Space.

I’m going off of what I’ve read here, it’s mentioned in several sources that I don’t have a Prime Source for that the Drifters did-in Caroline’s Star and the Talocan Wormhole Nexus.

I believe it’s implied in Lore that the four races that the Talocan are included in eventually came together to form the Jovian empire, but I’m not certain where I read that. That’s why the Sleepers, a Jovian offshoot, have Talocan Torpedoes on their drones.

I never said what I had was a great idea, just an idea.

I’m just remembering stuff from the Inheritance chronicle. The Talocan definitely built the Dyson swarm around W477-P, and Veniel explicitly stated that it was not Jovian. In spite of losing a lot of knowledge, they can still recognize their own stuff. Granted, in the intervening millenia the Jove learned to use much of the abandoned Talocan tech (i.e. using Talocan solar harvesters to power their own facilities), so we see a lot of mixing of technology. But even Veniel was still in awe, and perhaps fear, of what the Talocan were able to achieve and let Raish know that he hopes they never return.

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Although I myself am very interested in the Jove since I started playing myself, I unfortunately don’t see this happening anytime soon.

The Drifter’s are fairly new and their story development is on hold for all I know. Only recently there was an event in EVE Valkyrie called “Warzone: Drifter Hive” or something like that, but didn’t provide much story arc really except a few Story Characters wanting to Salvage Drifter Technology.

There used to be Jove (actual Jove, not SoCT) ships for a very long time in the game, but were removed in 2012 I think. They were only flown by CCP however and could not be attained by players. CCP even updated the ships to their (back-then) new graphics engine and shader version. Images can still be found of those ships.

I also highly suggest running COSMOS Missions. They are not Epic Arc Missions but are very Lore-Based. Each race uncovers / investigates ruins of the 4 ancient races (Sleepers, Talocan, Yan Jung, and Takmahl). Drifters I heard at EVE Fanfest 2016 apparently use Sleeper AND Talocan technology.

Lore-wise, the Amarr had a brief war with the Jove in where they lost, and most recently had a battle with the Drifters as well, in which the Empress Jamyl was killed in her Titan. There is also rumors that the Angel Cartel found Jove Ship technology and used that for their ships. There’s also slight evidence so believe that Sansha has engaged with Sleepers in Wormhole Space.

My hope right now is that the Agency Event before the Crimson Harvest was Sleeper-Drifter related, in where the Quartermaster wanted salvage parts, and thus I’m hoping that will be expanded upon. A Capsuleer-Corp made their own “The Scope” News Network called “The Discourse” and posted it on their YouTube Channel “ARC Studio” and did a really good job creating the Agency Event News Video’s (in a Lore-like perspective), showing that the community still cares about the Lore of the Jove, Sleepers, and Drifters.

Bottom line is that I support this, and I hope for this, but I don’t think it’ll happen soon. I would also love to see different classes of Drifter Ships, unique classes perhaps, and maybe a reverse-engineered Drifter ship for Capsuleer’s.

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pretty much. according to the last chronicle the Jovians leaved their territory due to the inminent explosion of the Talocan Superstructure. the few that stayed died out or are in such short numbers that its impossible to bring back the Directorate as a nation. thus the SoCT inherited the knowledge of all the empire for the time being.

the only Jove that are increasing in numbers now are the Drifters (second empire Jovians), and their motives are unknown for now. im waiting to see what will be the next move of them, they have potential.

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actually the sleepers were a race of scientist and inventors who would “sleep” on the ship enroute to their next place. by sleep I mean they would go to a virtual world and run their experiments and inventions for the next job while another group of people would watch over them and make sure the ship safely arrives. a lot of those captains got the idea they could hold the sleepers hostage and make them invent things for them so they could acquire massive amounts of cash, but it resulted in a war, when the sleepers started losing they ran to wormhole space, made their stations and went back to “sleep” living in their virtual world.

What you kill in wormhole space are their Drones they left to protect them. Also the other voice that gave the Empress so much power was a sleeper that was one of many that want to leave their virtual world. The making of Dust514 soldiers required a implant from the bodies of sleepers that resulted in killing the sleeper for every implant, but also made a gateway for the “Other” to bring other like minded sleepers back into the world.