Jove charcters and beyond new eden

It would be great to play Jovian and their empire ships (non SocT) also isn’t time we can see Jovian space and also what is beyond New Eden ? i think there should be this theme that something / or things are making their way to new eden.

The Jove are a dying race - basically gone and SoCT are their inheritors (see the Inheritance chronicle). You won’t see Jove characters unless CCP rewrites the lore and why - what would it add to gameplay?

Jove technology is another matter - their wormhole drive would certainly shake up the meta and SoCT are presumably custodians of that technology.

The current game has roughly 8000 star systems - 5200 in K space, the rest in W-space. Most of them are empty. I believe CCP should focus on differentiating the space we have so there are reasons to go there and, perhaps even fight over it!

I would like the Jove ships at the very least, if SocT has them then maybe its time to release those green ships :smiley: ill read that making a cuppa now :smiley:

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