More factions in the ship tree (where are Jove and CONCORD ships)

We can find the most of in-game ships in the ship tree. However, popular Jove faction ships (Gnosis, Sunesis, Apotheosis) and CONCORD ships, is absent there. The same thing with the Luxury Yacht(s), Leopard and other rare vessels. I think it is not so hard to add it to the tree.

CONCORD: Already here, you expecting more? Nah Nah naughty player

Jove: Until CCP fininshes the new structure program and opens up new area(which is technically 40K)

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I mean, they are limited edition ships. and they are not meant to be made an appearance on ship tree
Naughty you =D

So? Just because they aren’t standard or some way possible to manufacture, we shouldn’t be able to see their stats more conveniently?
Personally I support the idea, but I would also extend it to every ship in the game. Pirate faction rookie ships, Guristas interceptor, Serpentis stealth bomber, the luxury yacht, the Zephyr, everything. Make 2 more pages for Concord and SoCT, and plus one for any “uncategorized” ship!

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It would also be wonderful if CCP could add a search box to ship tree.

As an alpha clone if I see a ship type’s name mentioned in chat i have to open the Regional Market and search for the ship there to find its info fast.
Ship Tree is only good for old players who already know where to find the specific ship they are looking for.
New players does not know the faction of all ships and it makes the ship tree less useful.

For example someone mentions Gila. Nice name, but which faction tree should I look for it? Well, Regional Market helps more than the ship tree.


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