Ship Tree expansion

I was wondering why the Praxis and Marshal ships and others in their line are not in the Ship tree ?

Was also wondering why destroyers are the 1 class without a faction variant. Wouldn’t mind seeing these, but instead of the same ship design, maybe change it up a little, to distinguish it more.

Special edition ships have no place in the ship tree, that’s also why none of the AT ships are there.

How many years do these ships need to be available before they lose the title of Special Edition? Three? Five? Ten?

I think the OP’s question can be answered with:

CCP are great at starting things, but really bad at maintaining them. The ship tree is a fine example of this.

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Its less about age and more how they are obtained, so yeah those ships aren’t really on the ship tree because of that, not to mention, the concord ships don’t belong to a single faction and you don’t really need a ship tree of 3 ships lol

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Yet the SOE ship tree only has three ships.


I guess he could change it to “you don’t really need ANOTHER ship tree of 3 ships”.

He doesnt think we need creativity either.

It is fine as it is beepboop

Is the question. Change it upto what?

SoE ships are loyalty rewards, concord ships aren’t

I have a question -what is the purpose of the ship tree?

I ask, because I think the answer to that question will help answer what ships should be added to it.

Personally, I look at the ship tree as a way to help newer players see what ships are available, and to help give them a vague sense of progression. So, from that perspective, I don’t think it make sense to add AT ships (as well as some of the weird ships like the primae) which most players will never fly. However, adding the SoCT ships would make sense, as it would help some newbros to discover some relatively affordable and low skill ships that can help them punch above their weight.

Completely unacceptable. You should always finish what you st


To me, the ship tree is to let me know what ships are available in the game, what class each ship is under and for an overall view of what role each has… in other words, information, and that’s why I believe ALL ships should be showcased in the ship tree, from the least known to the well known.

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This is not something CCP believes players should have.

Then get rid of the ship trees altogether.

Ah the other thing they no longer believe in is :effort:

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