What's the reason for the ship tree menu to be bad?

Like i am a new player and things can be rough. When i see a ship name in chat i won’t go to the ship tree because that is just awful to use i go to the market to see it’s info does that make any sense? I just recently acquired a ship to fly L4’s a praxis good luck finding that in the ship tree took me forever to realize jovian ships aren’t there… Why it’s supposed to be for information and i don’t see it’s single purpose serving much purpose or at least for me a new player.

I use it when I am trying to remember “the t2 amarr ewar frig” and its good for newbies to see what options are available to plan towards. Concord and SOCT ships should absolutely be added.

The Praxis isn’t Jovian. It’s The Society Of Concious Thought’s Battleship.

And yes, it should be in the ship tree thing.


SoCT design that uses principles derived from Jove shipbuilding techniques