Missing ships in the ship tree

I’m just wondering when CCP if there going to of course, making a ship tree like they have for all other factions for the Joves ship like the Sunesis and Gnosis and for the Concord ships like the enforcer and marshal.

What do you guys think?

special edition ships are not added to ISIS in order to not make it an unreadable mess

Would be a nice thing to have. Best to give it a separate group or groups.

The only reason I can think of why CCP hasn’t done it yet is because these remaining ships don’t have all too much in common with each other in order to lay them out along training paths, but it would be more like a random collection of individual ships. Still, this shouldn’t stop CCP from completing the ship tree.

why? the market already does this just fine.

Concord and the SoCT have a coherent ship line of at least 3 ships following similar designs both in shapes and traits. They are quite comparable to some pirate factions and could benefit from being added to the ship tree. However, the argument that the tree is for player built ships only, which the SoCT ones aren’t and concord ones have very limited bpcs, kind of makes sense. It’s not a bad suggestion, but it’s not all that urgent either!

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Fair answer

Does it really? You can can technically print 2 of the 3 CONCORD ships’ BPCs now that you can have any amount of free account. They are easier to obtain than some of the pirate capitals.
Personally I think all ships should be on the ship tree. Including the pirate corvettes, and special edition ships, like the Guristas interceptor and the Serpentis bomber. If you really can’t connect them to a faction in a way that makes sense, then just add a tab called “uncategorized” for example, and put ships like the Zephyr there.
Sure, it’s not the most important thing to add, but probably one of the easiest.

So you’re not using the ship tree. It doesn’t mean others have to be looking at an incomplete tree. We have the ship tree so every player can use it for orientation when they’re deciding on a ship. Of course there was a time before the ship tree, but let’s not turn around now.

pretty sure it’s so new players can see “progression” paths. something that has done nothing but re-enforces the erroneous idea that bigger is better

It does a bit more than that. You can see quickly which ships are out there, can see their bonuses by simply hovering the mouse over it, get to know how much time it takes for you to train towards a ship, and you can get a quick preview of it too.

It’s not only useful to new players, but all players. Or just when you want to train up an alt for instance.

It only isn’t complete, which is a bit of a sore point.

No one said bigger is better. Cruisers FTW!
The ship tree gives you a list of options, abilities and roles, and you can tell quite fast what is similar and what is different.

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except the way the tree is laid out mirrors other common games that use it to show progression.

pff cruisers Kestrel for life

I know Eve doesn’t really need more skills to train, but…

Why not have Faction Lore skills to represent the study of a specific faction’s ships? Rank 1 would unlock that faction’s ships in the ship tree, and each rank could provide a 2% bonus to damage against a specific faction’s ships: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, ORE. Your character could start with their own faction’s Faction Lore skill trained at III or something and maybe their opposed faction’s Faction Lore skill.

Pirate faction’s could have their own Faction Lore skill books, making combating specific factions a bit easier for those who study them. This is in addition to adding those ships to the Ship Tree for viewing. This would include all the pirate factions and SOE.

Finally, one or more Faction Lore skill books could be associated with special edition ships, great for those looking to add them to their Ship Tree or improve their odds of ganking them or both!

Of course, this is all extra work for little gain, but just an idea. Perhaps a fruitless idea, but an idea nonetheless.

you’ve gone through rigorous training and study to become the elite of the elite and be granted life as a capsuleir. but some how you manged to completely forget what ships are commonplace out in space

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