Access to jovian space

with the alliance tournament returning and probably taking place in jovian space, i wonder if we will ever get proper access to that space. maybe during an event or with some future story expansion. it would be wonderful to explore that space and inspect the ancient and mysterious jove stations and maybe even find some of their ships wrecks.

any thoughts on this?

Will filaments take you into Jovian space?

this is an interesting idea. and filaments should take you into jovian space.

The now-derelict 3rd Jove Empire systems would be a neat thing to explore with game content at some point - tons of ancient technology and megastructures in a state of abandonment and disrepair, secrets kept by those who have been around far longer than the rest of the Empires.

CCP’s art director actually did some visual explorations of ideas for visuals that could plausibly fit into this space, all of which are available to see on his artstation:

And I’d love to someday see something along the lines of Invasion content in the separate and cut-off Jove space systems - imagine the Drifters and Triglavians fighting for these remnants of a culture that served as the inheritor to the group that both factions stem from?


The Alliance Tournament begins today. A few lucky pilots will be able to visit the Jove space starting today.

Has some of that HR Gieger look to it.

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