A deep space odyssey. Warping to Jove Space

I thought of this guy.

You get the idea… : - )

I’d love to actually visit Jove space someday, see all the abandoned stations and worlds, look through what’s left of their once-mighty civilization. It would be sad, but also satisfying to my hunger for more lore.

Just keep in mind that you won’t come back. Neither your char nor your mind.

This map, though. Interesting how much better the old map looks like compared to this disappointing beta map of today.

Head close to Jove Space. Start scanning for anomalies with millions of AU.
Do some math to figure out distances and if it leads you there.

Start warping.

Sadly, only one original station model remains…

Jove space offers huge potential, sadly it will never happen in a good way

This romantic idea is super silly.

In reality, what’s going to happen is that a big nullsec block will move there and occupy the space just to piss off everyone else. That’s literally the beginning and the end of the story.

There’s literally nothing to gain for anyone except a select few who will grab it as their own.

Depends on implementation and resources (or lack there of) - if there is nothing of value (isk) then maybe not - but yes, probably correct.

Oh, the station:

HD3-JK 1 - Academy of Aggressive Behaviour


It’s pretty (ugly).

I like it. :smiley:

I’d like to actually see the systems themselves, not just get to an empty point in space via warping.

I think that if Jove space were ever to open to players, there would need to be limits on what we could do there. Not hard-coded limits like “no anchoring structures, period” but limits like attempting to anchor a structure results in a few hundred Drifters paying you a visit.

Yeah, all Jove stuff has a weird and eldritch aesthetic to it. Their ships were pretty weird-looking too, back when they were still in the game. Nowadays all we have to go on are pictures and videos like this one.

There’s supposed to be another one in the Heaven constellation called - appropriately enough - Heaven, which the Angel Cartel stumbled onto and looted to become a major pirate faction. As far as I know, it hasn’t ever been put in-game, so all we have to go on are what’s been datamined.

Incidentally, the Angel frigate hulls players have datamined - the Devourer, Fury, Medusa, Lynx, and Swordspine - all required varying levels of the Jove Frigate skill to use, and the Ixion (their cruiser hull which the Moracha is based on) presumably required the Jove Cruiser skill, but the original ship (typeID 636) has been removed from the database.

I don’t know if anyone from CCP has ever commented on what they planned to do with these hulls and the station before they fell by the wayside, or if there’s anyone aside from Hilmar still working at CCP who was there when they were planning it all out.

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