Free the Jovian space

Free the Jovian space.

Give opportunity to have the option of being able to achieve vicitar this Place. To interact with Jovian agents. to achieve their new technologies. To be able to see their wars with their enemies.

It is a virgin world. A place for the brave. For the adventure.

Without further ado, I ask for your cordial support.

Mara Litmith Martinez-O

Bovine waste. In order to make Jove space accessible, their technology would have to be completely eradicated so that it does not outclass currently available empire and pirate technology by millennia.

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Jovian technology has existed much earlier. It is present in the game and it is incredible. Hunting a Drifter in Wormhole is beautiful. But, being able to know the Jovian universe would be wonderful.

SoCT are custodians of the Jovian heritage and it’s possible they have access to Jove space using the wormhole drive on the Yoiul.

There won’t be any Jove stations or agents - only wreckage and 100 empty nullsec systems to supplement the 1000 empty nullsec systems we already have.

If Jove space is opened up it needs unique gameplay - different from what’s available elsewhere in the game, much the way wormhole gameplay differs from K-space.

It would be tragic if one of the null power blocs simply added it to their rental empire!


I share the same idea with you. When entering the Jovian system, it must feel like an adventure.

There won’t be any jovians there since they either died or left before Caroline’s star went boom.You’re more likely to encounter Sansha’s Nation there tho.

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Even so, it is very important to enter. To know the legacy of its history, as because it was its destruction. But I do not think they are dead, I have a hunch that they are still present.

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