Jove space

Just wondering if we will ever have access to jove space

As far as I know, Jove Empire is Dev Space. But I would love to go there.

The question is, what type of space will be? What will be there? Jove will be still alive or all of them are kill/destroy, as rumors suggest?

I hope we will never gain access to it. This is the space of a technologically vastly superior race than what even the most advanced factions in known space can currently achieve. If we gained access to this space, CCP would have to nerf Jove tech so much, it would be nothing but a sad joke of what it should be.

One way we could make this access possible, though, would be if every capsuleer who enters Jove space contracted their 100% deadly disease and would get permanently biomassed after a while. Also, once you had been in Jove space, you would not be allowed to dock anywhere, you could not trade skill points because their goo is contagious, too; and trading items in space between ships via jetcans would result in instant cluster-wide (yes, this includes W-space) Concord retaliation. In other words: Whatever you did there, it would stay there. This would be your punishment for wanting to enter space that you are not worthy of entering for another 1000 years at least.

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