W-space to Jove Empire

Is this possible?


I guess a little clarification, at one point it was possible to get there through WH’s, but it was unintended behavior so it was nuked. And it might have only been on the test server, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly the circumstances.

‘Jove Space’ practically speaking is CCP’s development environment. There’s no gameplay there, and no reason to allow players to go there.

A long, long, long, looooong time ago you could get to Jove space using a work around of setting your death clone to a station in Jove space.

Then you would undock and find an empty system, warp to belts and find no asteroids and warp to gate but no gates were there. Finally when you were bored of that you would petition a GM to have you moved back to empire space.

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Looks like that space isn’t developed in any way. A project at 1% lifetime.

Interesting. I thought about it also and was ready to submit a topic in the Player Features and Ideas section of this forum. It should be interesting to unlock the Jove space through DED space gates of level V Archaeology sites or Sleeper Data sites. Those gates should require a key available for current capsuleer only.

The Jove space should contain signatures and combat sites, like in known space, but with stronger rats, better loot and blueprints (artifacts). POS, Citadel or other base must be prohibited there. Every Jove system should have only one WH exit - which was the entrance - and available for 24-48 hours. This will exclude permanent living there through in space DC.

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