WTB Filaments to Jove Space CCPLEASE

I would find it interesting if we could get filaments to Jove space to bring back some small gang old school roaming and exploration. The filaments could bring you to any random system in jove space.


Just one big arena to fly around with your fav ships and maybe some friends to get some good fights and maybe even hunt for loot.

Then the only way out. Is to filament out. Or death.

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Jove space is a lost opportunity, for sure. CCP would make you grind standings to use the gates, though.

and to use the repair option at the stations …

Make people grind their drifter standing to use Jove space.

i want to be a drifter :smiley:

I am a drifter.

thats why i like you so much

CCP will never do that, they know there’s way too many players here who would jump at the chance to go burn down some Dev assets located in Jove space.

There is nothing “old school” about Jove space as normal players could never get there.

If you want to do basic simple roams nothing is stopping you. I really don’t get how you could somehow combine Jove space and old school together.

It would be old school if there were no bubbles, no cloaks, and no warp to zero.

Perhaps but none of those really change anything. Bubbles can actually make it easier to get targets, cloaks have been around for so long that eve was pretty much a board game before those existed and back then “everyone” had region bookmarks.

I get the feeling he’s more interested in Jove space itself and just created a story idea around that.

If we ever get that, any capsuleer who goes there should get automatically infected with the Jove Disease and biomass after a random period of time. Towards the end of this period, capsuleers should start seeing the effects in the form of losing SP, malfunctioning ships, etc. Furthermore, quarantine restrictions should be in place that prevent any capsuleer from coming back to k-space. Put some real consequences on capsuleer actions this time and not the same garbage that was put in place for trigs.

Well, its kinda sad those regions just sit there doing nothing

They’re not doing nothing, they’re used by CCP and at the very least they’re showcasing that some things aren’t to be had like some kids need to be told at times that they can’t have that cookie.

Personally I’d wish for the Devs to be Jove again, partially for lore reasons but also to be that unattainable cookie.

Eh? What purpose does that serve?

I think they lost the keys and now cant do anything but abduct people for their shading experiments.

Jove space is an interesting thing, and I think there’s room at some indeterminate point in the future for it to become something more.

The systems, as they are now in the game’s canon, have pretty much no intact infrastructure, and the stargates between systems in the two Jove regions (and UUA-F4, the nonclaimed region where CCP’s test system is located) were in fact destroyed in-story back in 2014 (you can read about everything surrounding this in the fantastic chronicle “Inheritance”).

This all said, these regions are the location of whatever is left of the legacy of the Jove in New Eden. And who else is involved with their history? The Drifters and, you may be surprised to hear, the Triglavians.

Each of these groups seem to branch off from the Jove Empire that came from before the Jove Directorate; the Drifters aggressively assert themselves as the rightful inheritors of that legacy, and the Triglavians have their own goals in guiding the future of the cluster they’ve been forced to return to.

I could easily see something similar to the mechanics involved in Invasion III being implemented in a struggle between the Drifters and the Trigs to claim systems in Jove space, in some way. Really though, I’m just interested to see what would be made to be out there.

For some imagination fuel, here are a bunch of concepts by CCP’s art director depicting ideas of what might be encountered in the Jove regions now - a few of them have multiple images btw, as well as a small animatic:







arent ther rumors about a hidden way to that space in some lore parts or was it “just” CCP who said there is a way but you need to find it?

i am not sure anymore …


On the old forums there was a topic about it with CCP confirming the only way to get there is through the power of friendship GM

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No one is allowed in My soverienity. Just kiss your triglavian lovers in pochven.