Jovian Invasion

First, we have Triglavian Invasion, then Drifter Invasion. Now how about “Jovian Invasion” (though it’ll also uses Polaris ships :v) ? Just make sure the ships stats are changed for the invasion, i mean how can we destroy ships that have its Invulnerability 99% on all type of damage, and also add some Module slots so it can fight back. Also, don’t hesitate on giving us BPC of Jovian Ships as a loot XD

Lore-wise, the Jovians are pretty much dead.

Well… except for the Drifters. Technically they are Jovians from a past era that put themselves into a virtual network for [reasons]. They were guarded by the Sleeper Drones.

Then we came along, started to pick through their bodies/tech, and reverse engineered some stuff (see: Tech 3 ships).
So they came out of their virtual network to wage war on us.

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I wonder how much the direction of EvE’s lore has changed over the years, and what direction the original developers wanted it to go in? I don’t know if they were going to kill off the Jove from the beginning, but it makes me sad. There’s so much I wanted to learn about them and the other ancient races of New Eden, and now it seems like we’ll never get the chance.:cry:

It bears mentioning that Sleeper stations have seemingly dead Jove bodies in stasis capsules. They’re not dead, they’re just in the Matrix, and every time some thieving explorer plucks an implant out of a “corpse”, that Sleeper dies. They are, understandably, quite pissed about this.

There’s also some question about what tech level the Jove were at. If the Nibelung mining laser was any indication then the Directorate is at tech 5, and there’s no telling just what the Sleepers’ tech level is. Sure, we can make tech 3 stuff from what we salvage from them, but that’s reverse-engineered salvage, not fully operational Sleeper tech.

It also bears mentioning that, from what little we’ve got to go on, Jove ships were ridiculously tough to kill but didn’t have the overshields or miniature doomsday beam that Sleeper ships have. They were just all-around better than what the Empires could field.

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The fact that Jove space continues to kept “out of bounds” for us players leads me to speculate that whatever is “still there” is being kept in reserve as a plot device for future stuff.
Which, when you think about it, is a smart move.

If the DEVs are not quite sure how they want to “finish” a story (or not sure they will even get to finish the story before being sidetracked) then maintaining “mystery” is a good option.
“Mystery” can also lead players to being angsty and create conspiracy theories. Which can serve as both a source of amusement (for DEVs and players alike) and a mine for future ideas on how to flesh things out.

It would not surprise me that some future story arc will be derived from the history of Jove Space.

On a pragmatic level… keeping a cluster of systems “out of bounds” is excellent from a Developer standpoint.
One could do real-time debugging, test mechanics / exploits, and flesh out prototype / secret stuff that no one wants revealed on the test server.

If I recall correctly, the Difters broke off from the main Jove Directorate during the “Second Jovian Age” (there are three).
So they are about 1000+ years behind what the Jove Directorate were it died?

Then again… the Jove seemed to have focused on genetic engineering, nano-tech, and hacking as opposed to cybernetics, drones, and VR stuff (that the Drifters seem to favor).
So there could be a technological divergence between the two there that makes direct comparison difficult.

Again, if I recall correctly, the Jove Directorate did not gear their civilization for war. They were information hoarders that manipulated the politics of the other factions as a way to stay on top.
Whatever battles they did fight was with ships that they probably retrofitted accordingly.

That said… their Mothership / Titan did have the ability to fire one doomsday beam after another at an Amarr fleet without much difficulty during the Val-Atioth (sp?).
And there have been cases where the DEVs flew around in Jove ships for story arcs (and probably for giggles). So it is in EVE history that a single Jove battleship could hold out against a capsuleer capital fleet.

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It can also serve as a source for frustration and bitterness. For me, it’s the former, but there are EvE lorehounds who have been afflicted with the latter.

That’s exactly what they do with it. There’s even some areas up at the “top” of the map that I think they use for the Alliance Tournament.

You would be correct on both counts, but there’s two details you’ve missed: first, the Jove have had multiple golden ages, and several falls from power. Just because something is older doesn’t mean it’s less advanced; technology from the first Jove Empire is likely more advanced than everything they had during the Third Empire.

Second, the Sleepers’ VR tech is so good that they can conduct scientific experiments inside it at vastly accelerated speeds compared to reality and still have the results of those experiments be valid. They’re likely much, much more advanced than they were when they went into stasis, and only lack the material resources to capitalize on this. Probably why they’re disassembling the observatories; they need the materials.

Yet their ships were still ludicrously difficult to kill, as seen in multiple videos of players engaging devs flying them:

Vak-Atioth, and the mothership was not a battleship, it was one of three unique vessels that we’ve never seen a visual representation of. We’re not even sure how big it is.

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Well ngl It’s meant to use Jovian Ships.

The Jove are a reclusive people, they have weathered many storms and continue to endure even today. thair lack of direct involvement in Modern politics is not indicative of their extinction.

  • the have a vested interest in the 4 Empires and there is plenty of law revolving around interactions and influences they exert on high ranking diplomatic representatives
  • modern Jovians are a remnant of the 3rd Empire & intentionally turned off star-gates that directly lead to their sovereign space.
  • the Jove scientific community dabbled heavily in Genetics which resulted in the dreaded Jove Genetic curse. the symptoms are not unlike chronic depression with an end result of death as the affected individual just ceases to move and actively complete even basic actions like breathing.
  • sleepers are assumed to be an AI remnant of a previous Jovian Empire. with the evolution of the Drifters as an entity within the construct taking a physical form through use of advanced and ancient cloning tech. incidentally this i s also how DUST bunnies were able to be cloned back in to active warzones. RIP Dust/Legion
  • there is also a lot of conjecture around the triglavians and their relation to previous Jovian Empires. with many asserting that they are infact the decedents of a Pre-Jovian curse division.
  • Jove ships are far in advance of any modern empire/faction/pirate hull. this is due tot he fact that the jove were the only notable race to survive un-affected by the collapse of the EVE gate 25000 years previously.
  • when you take in to account that when the drifters and sleepers (circadian) first appeared in known space they looked for and actively saught out the Jovian listening posts (200km tall beacons) we can assume that the cloaking tech that the jove historically used far surpassed the infant and rudimentary systems we currently use, and that it is vary likely that these same cloaking systems are fitted to most if not all jovian vessels
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Okay, tbh i want Jovian Invasion cause those ships looks cool

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