Jove Empire ships

Open the Jovian civilization ships, separate from the Soct ships, make Jove playable race already :smiley:

FTFY :egg:



i’d pay Omega just to get the chance of piloting an Eidolon…

we have the tecnology CCP (Drifters and Triglavs are probably way more advanced at this point). Jove just needs its own Precursor ship nd weaponry skill.

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Why ?

It won’t be the old jovian ships tho they removed those the heathens! We’ll get some crap that looks like drifters


Yeah i would like to fly Eidolon as well and why is the time right now ? for a few reason the jove towers exposed which is a threat to empire jove, drifter and triglavian are a threat to jove, a dying civilization has no option but to seek help and exist in empire space, the triglavian plasmid and genetic tech could also be a cure for Jove disease. The Soct would contact jove the gates reopen, players can use jove empire ship.

Eidolon Forever

You are a cruel cruel man…:stuck_out_tongue: Come on CCP open that Jove gate already and let us fly those ships… like i said in another post, They could have devolved by now…forgetting their “extreme advanced tech” due to the jovian disease putting their current knowledge to existing empire tech, but they would still retain their ships and unique weapon technology but more to existing race / Empire level, So make Jove live…Do it ! Do it now ! Get to the server ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go read the lore the jovians passed their knowledge to the SOCT

Then the Soct should release the green ships then ! :smiley:

Look from the lore and what is hinted in it about true jovian ships most if not all their ships which comprised the now disbanded Jovian Directorate were old even ancient by normal ship standards.

Altho it’s not explicitly mentioned it’s very likely the 3rd empire jove didn’t have the means to build ships of same quality or standards to what they had in their small fleet.

Few causes for this they lost the specifications somehow,the materials to build them weren’t available-look at drifters they salvage old observatories to make ships cuz they are missing something.

CCP will redesign the jove somehow as a precursor faction with its own ships and tech and yes it’ll probably have cool lasers like the drifters but it won’t happen when you want to

It’s sad when the only cool new ships are relegated to a handful of players in null aliances each year.

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