Jove character and jove empire ships

I feel its time to open the jove gate and let players create a jove charcter and own their empire ships (green ships) frigate, cruiser and battle ship, they use alot of genetic tech maybe ships that can fit passive armor repair / living metal that can self repair etc, perhaps an opportunity for more effective short range weapon tech as well? Open jove already :blush: we want green ships.

I’m going to discard the rest and focus purely on this aspect.

Yes. Fully agree that we should have an item that does passive armor repair at a rate lower than an active. We already have a passive shield repair bonus.

Rather than cite the list I’ll let this do it as it is more complete and takes less space.

I would argue that this should limit 1 to a ship to prevent abuse. I would also put the negative of it doesn’t work with active armor repair units and you must choose one or the other.

dust 514 had passive armor repair also which is part of eve. passive armor repair already exists in the game universe.

We’ll probably never play as Jove - but with the precursor ship skills and lineup being put into the game, I’d be surprised if we don’t get to use some of the Directorate’s old ships someday

Seriously you dont want to be jove / fly those green ships? Have you seen the art on the battleship? And be in jove space?..spoil the party much lol? :blush:

Jove gates looked cool compared to our own junk and stations kind of looked like some sort of flower bulb.
Anyway jove favored shield over armor for tanking and their ships couldn’t have been that OP since they lost about 1/3 of their ships at vak’atioth

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There is a perfectly valid reason for me pointing at one piece and agreeing with it. Because I have zero information on the Jove ships balance vs the rest.

While perfectly valid information (maybe) I’d rather focus on the bit that could be introduced without the entire shipline getting a full overhaul for balance and then re-rendering for the situation.

One step at at time.

Was in Jove space for Alliance tournament ^^

Im all for balance but…it just seems to me that it takes ages for something like triglavian ships to come out, i like Alien ships / tech in Sci-fi so Jove ships would be awesome to own, We have been using the same known empire weapons and ships for so long…Triglavian ships are a step in the right direction, but the problem is access to the ship due to the isk cost which is a bit of a bummer… i still have not been able to test one out :frowning:

But opening Jove race and ships would introduce new alien ships and tech but at the same time accessible because it would be their common ships at the same time… maybe something along the lines of “their race have devolved due to the genetic disease and have lost the knowledge of their extreme advanced tech” now putting them more in line with the existing empires but they would still have the ships and their own weapon system/s still. Well hope CCP can get on board, i think its about time to open that Jove gate, Race, and ships for players.

You mention isk cost in there yet I don’t see how any new ships or ships regarded as ‘cool’ by the community would be affordable for all.

As for triglavians these are their base ships they’re not marked as faction but plain t1 for a reason I believe we’ll see alot more of them incoming.

Jovian space will be opened someday but only when CCP decides it’s time to develop the game toward that.

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Just imagine a pink SKIN for that Eidolon.
You’d have these things lurking on the Jita undock just to bump into players…

Perhaps ccp may allow the SocT to give those green ships out to players for doing new LP activity’s? You go around information collecting, scannings things with scan module… and you have no idea what might jump out at you :blush:

If it’s a SoCT version, I’ll pass.

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