A few Technology ideas / or for Jove ship ideas

Nanite Armour ships (passive armour repair - e.g self repair armour) Feature of ship / trait

Weapon focusing computer mid-slot / low-slot - takes targeting time but will allow large guns to Alpha strike small target, then re-target, repeat etc…

Jove weapon (for when Jove ship and player race gets released :slight_smile: ) Guided green energy ball unique feature of this weapon is that it can either focus on one target or you can click the weapon module so that it can split into a few energy ball onto a few different targets you have locked.

Alien Lightning weapon - shoots lighting

Make Jove race and Jove empire ships live hopefully soon :smiley:

They Shouldn’t add a new race, but add new PvE to get Jove ships. The drifter weapons already kinda shoot lightning

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