Jove weapon systems

Hello I have seen the different weapon systems on Triglavian ships and was wondering if there is anything in the lore that talks about what the Jove use as weapons for there ships?

All we know explicitly is that the Jove Directorate used energy weapons - not much actual information on their weapons beyond that.

Sleepers also use energy weapons, and indeed had their own turret designs made up that never went into the game.

Drifters use energy weapons as well, but ones that float - so do the Triglavians. Given the links that can be drawn from both of them, it’s reasonable to assume the “floating weapons” thing could be a shared/common tech during the Second Jove Empire or so that was lost to the “shrouded days” between the Second and Third.

So in short, they’re all energy weapons - but as far as differences from amarr ones go, we just don’t have much written text saying what those disparities may be.


Thank you for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m really hoping we get to find out eventually… since they’re trying to make Precursor a whole big thing.

Trigs are the first, I suspect Drifter will be the next, and maybe we could see some toned down Jovian later on. Their ships looked awesome. And if we weakened the stats significantly, they could totally be playable.

the jovian race is reserved for CCP and ISD avatars. they use various hulls when in the actual game world.

-the eidelon battle ship was the biggest ever piloted. (looks like a silver sleeker shasha mothership.)
-the polaris frigate is most commonly used by CCP Devs and the events team. as the resistance profile scales with damage taken.
-the cockroach is used by bug testers on the live server. they can pop up place to place but normaly are testing exploits and reported buys on the live server

from a law stand point the closest we have seen to Jove capability are the Concord response drones that were designed in part with the Jovian empire to maintain a consistent law and order in the Space of empire factions

Polaris aren’t Jove ships. They aren’t even a real faction in the game. They are GM ships, and they exist outside of any organization. Same with the Cockroach.

Eidolon was indeed a Jove ship. And it wouldn’t be too difficult to tone down some of the stats and blame it on our incomplete understanding of true Jove tech. The only established usage of Jove tech is Concord. When CCP updated Concord to be unbeatable, instead of just difficult to face, they handwaved the increase in effectiveness by saying that Jove allowed Concord to use some of their tech in their ships. So we could just say that Capsuleers are allowed to study subpar Jove tech, and come up with playable versions. The same way we came up with playable versions of the Trig ships after facing them in the Abyss. They can exist in the Abyss forever, but we can only hang out in there for 20 min. So do the same thing with Jove tech. They can annihilate entire stars. But we just shoot each other.

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Along with energy weapon the Sleepers use Phantasmata missiles or something close to that name. Found through datamining.

Common trigs deal therm/exp with Entropy floating guns and Zorya deals additional em/kin with missiles. Found through hoboleaks.


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but yeah while Polaris isn’t technically under Jove Directorate umbrella, they are based heavily on Jove tech, and the various ISD sections are built in to the lore as part of the CONCORD auxiliaries. For example, the Cockroach has a description that goes:

The specially adapted rogue drone scanning technology integrated into this unique frigate-sized platform is reserved for the exclusive use of the elite Equipment Certification and Anomaly Investigations Division (ECAID) agents. The femtometer wavelength scan resolution allows the pilot to virtually dissect and analyze any object at a subatomic scale, divining all flaws and defects with an uncanny level of quality.

Flying one of these amazing ships is also a great mark of achievement. Any ECAID agent worthy of such a command can be said to have reached the pinnacle of his career and is worthy of all capsuleer’s deep respect.

While the Cockroach is for some reason sorted under “Gallente” in the database (possibly because of the rogue drone tech?), the Polaris frigates are sorted under Jove. While they don’t have as elaborate of a description as the Cockroach, they are implied to be part of the game universe all the same.

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This is not true entirely; the capabilities of DEV QA ships and the like absolutely don’t represent the capabilities of an in-universe faction.

What’s more, the Jove Directorate’s ships (Wraith, Phantom, Eidolon, etc) also aren’t intended IN-UNIVERSE to be some omnipotent vessels - though that certainly was the original line of thinking when the game first went online, with Devs as Jove (which they explicitly aren’t anymore)

Polaris as a faction isn’t an entity within the canon of EVE, just as the CCP corp isn’t - the invulnerable/omnipotent capabilities of those ships are equally not an in-universe fact, though the ships themselves can be assigned loose canonicity through their usage by ISD.

CONCORD’s power over capsuleers also doesn’t come from some outrageous power, either; they lost to the minmatar invasion in Empyrean age. The better explanation is that CONCORD has backdoor/root access to some pod systems - and as EVERY playing capsuleer originates from official schools within the empires that go through CONCORD, they’d naturally have that sort of knowledge for any player, but not any NPC who had external/more nefarious immortal origins.

in short:

CONCORD and the Jove wield enormous strength not through power, but through tech capabilities and other means; CONCORD has a degree of control over capsule functions, and the Jove Directorate excelled in espionage and info-gathering that always gave them a strong edge, alongside their still highly advanced (but certainly not surpassing the Drifters in strength) ships.

If you look back to Vak’Atioth, the Jove Directorate was in an interesting position; while their advanced, capsule-using ships indeed vastly outstripped the baseliner-crewed Amarr, they ALSO had prior knowledge of the entire operation’s plans and details, given to them by an Amarr whose loyalties and faith shifted.


The lore is a bit screwy around it. It doesn’t exactly fit right. Probably because of how CCP went with development.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned that the angel cartel ships are based off of jove design so there’s that.

Not so loose, if the Monitor Flag Cruiser’s description is anything to go by:

The Monitor was initially developed by the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency as an observation ship that could survive extremely hostile areas of space for observation and data collection missions against pirate, capsuleer, and emergent threats. To serve in this role the Monitor was developed with defensive technology inspired by the venerable “Polaris” line of frigates.

So they apparently exist in-universe, but there’s nothing more about them in the lore if I recall correctly.

As far as the thread topic is concerned, I don’t think the devs ever created in-game weapons for the Jove Navy. I’ve never heard of devs flying a Jove ship that was fitted with anything better than T2 modules.

Unless I’m mistaken, players have only gotten their hands on Jove stuff twice: the first was the Nibelung mining laser incident, the second was when a player blew up a GM ship and looted a Visitant BP(C?) from it. Both were classified as Tech 5.

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