What is the name of the ship the Dev's get? (solved)

I found the model in Triexporter but I forgot its name, its not the Cockroach, but the Jovian one that has near infinite HP’s that can use most modules for debugging.

Edit: it’s the Polaris!

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Enigma maybe?

I didn’t know this was a thing! Cool :smirk:

The ISD get access to the Polaris line of ships. CCP might use them too, but I’ve only ever seen ISD flying them around in person (at least, on Tranquility).

Perhaps this is what you’re talking about?

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it’s a templar, an amarr fighter used by carriers.

damn, now i feel ■■■■■■■ old. :smile: you kids nowadays don’t even know the memes we had back then…


polaris iirc
you mean the little red frig

if you go on the test server and do mass test you will usually be accompanied by ccp employee flying something like that

That’s the one, thanks!

Also there’s a “cockroach” I’ve seen them fly on the test server. Also, the oddest thing, I thought I saw the 'roach pop up on zkill a month or so ago…

There was, some CCP guy died on a public roam or something.

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