Amarr battleships

I’m sitting in here with the online and already have them in the Amar system and my question is The last ship that looks like a giant jellyfish. Which is the Titan. Why is it not available is cccp supposed to be keeping that a private or is that for privilege counselors?


Depends by what you mean ‘avaialable’? Have you tried to buy one on the market in hisec? Because they can’t be made or enter hi-sec.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the titans outside the station in Amarr. They aren’t piloted, they’re just for show and were / are part of the succession trials back story,

You can buy them, just not in hisec.

First off, the Titan is not a battleship.

Secondly, It can only be used and flown in Lowsec or Nullsec. You will not find it in Amarr because it doesnt exist in Amarr. Atleast to my knowledge.

Thirdly, judging from your previous post of how you ran out of isk because you flew a nestor and a bunch of other expensive ships during a war, and got blown into oblivion, I would think you would neither have the ISK nor the skills to properly fly one.

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Titans are only available to players who have devs on their MSN friends list. If they need one a GM will come over and spawn a bunch for them.

It seems you’re just not special and elite enough to be part of that in crowd. I’m sorry.


Please write English next time.

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Apocs are totally available.

Why would you want anything else?

(Hidden answer: Cos Armags are still nasty bois)

im sorry perhaps english isnt his native language? just maybe eve online is a world wide game that tons of none english speaking players play? just maybe?


But customer and counsellor are not interchangable words

Learn how to use capitalization.

I am sorry but maybe he can do some efforts? i am not able to understand what he is talking about.

“I’m sitting in here with the online and already have them in the Amar system”
it seems to me that some words are missing, yes?

“my question is The last ship that looks like a giant jellyfish.”
what is the question? there is no verb in this question!
you know, something like “where is Brian?” =>answer : “Brian is in the kitchen” or “what is this?” “This is an umbrella”…


and i am not fluent in english…

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Gankers. And people who going to a corporation. And connection between me and g Eve online. A lot of things are a scenario for the reasons why. And I have been on this for more than one time I’m not new I’m not a little guy so you guys can go jump and beat the hell out of me with your ship’s. Like you always do. I’m not supposed to be the dartboard for everybody’s Bounty either. And I really wanted a Titan because I was right there for the skills. I’m in a corporation trying to do the best I can. It would make it very possible if I can get out of one Corporation since I’m in both sides. I’m in Amar and I’m also in the federation. Bécasse the calydonian ships are very weak and easily defeated.

None of them good reasons.

I dont doubt that.

When you post things like this on the forums, you kind of make yourself a target for those kills and bounties.

You can still get one. They sell them at keepstars in low and null.

But let’s say you manage to buy one in amarr. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to keep it? Remember, you cannot dock it in stations, only keepstars.

So far you’ve yet to tell us why you want one. And no, there are plenty of strong ships in eve. If you are in a war, and afk, you will lose your ship no matter how durable it is.

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