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Hello my fellow capsuleers, I have a quick question to ask of the community, What is the most preferred carrier and dreadnought currently? When I took my break from Eve many years ago, it was amarr carriers and either Minmatar or Caldari Dreds for their varried Damage types. Does this still hold true? I sold off my null sec assets before I left last time and I dont want to buy a ship and then go " well krap I wont ever get to use this again for fleet ops" When I left I had a Moros which seemed less optimal/desired, and a Archon.

I have been considering a return to null in the relatively near future, and wish to make a informed decision. I can fly all 4 racials so that is not a problem for me.

So what is the current best/desirable for fleet ops, and is there any nerfs I need to know about having been away for a good 5 years? Appreciate the answers

Typically from what I know, it all depends on who you join and what their doctrine is. If you go solo in null with that stuff, then not a clue seeing as though I don’t fly caps.


It depends on who is preferring. You are better off asking the people in your corporation / alliance.
As a rule of thumb, almost no one uses Phoenixes out in nullsec. The other 3 dreads do just fine but also have the benefit of instant damage application that works during TiDi.

If you’re going solo, then it really doesn’t matter which one you use.


I’m curious on this. Why do they not?

The other dreads do fine enough for every other use case. Nags and Revs are very versatile for everything. The Moros can out-dps everything at close for situations where you’re ganking Jump Frieghters and ■■■■.

All three have the benefit of being useful in regular play AND the advantage that they apply their damage instantly.

The biggest problem with the Phoenix is two fold, both stemming from the fact that it’s a missile ship.

First, it has delayed damage, meaning if you want to gank something, you’re giving things more time to get reps or prepare. Where others will apply damage instantly, there’s often enough time for a ship to get locked by the Phoenix, broadcast for reps, and have their local logi lock them before the Phoenix’s missiles land. The other three can all lock up a target and volley it off the grid with a single shot, the Phoenix needs to sit there and wait, hoping the target hasn’t called for reps.

Second, because they’re missile ships, they have the tendency to become useless in TiDi. Missiles get delayed, time out, or just don’t do damage at all due to the heavy server loads.

Ah, alright. Thank you!

Rev is the best dread for bombs. It has a huge tank and great range. The Naglfar is also ok.
Moros has no tank, no range and bad DMG type, dont use it.

The Phoenix doesnt apply instantly, which sucks for dreadbombs.

For Carriers Min or Gallente, because DMG bonus. Most BLOC have an armor fleet, so the Thanatos (or Nyx) is prefered. Ignore the other two carriers.

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thank you all for your input, I appreciate it greatly. It looks like I will be starting with the thanatos, I cant afford a nyx yet.

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