Returning Character Question About Caps

Hello my fellow capsuleers, I have a quick question to ask of the community, What is the most preferred carrier and dreadnought currently? When I took my break from Eve many years ago, it was amarr carriers and either Minmatar or Caldari Dreds for their varried Damage types. Does this still hold true? I sold off my null sec assets before I left last time and I dont want to buy a ship and then go " well krap I wont ever get to use this again for fleet ops" When I left I had a Moros which seemed less optimal/desired, and a Archon.

I have been considering a return to null in the relatively near future, and wish to make a informed decision. I can fly all 4 racials so that is not a problem for me.

So what is the current best/desirable for fleet ops, and is there any nerfs I need to know about having been away for a good 5 years? Appreciate the answers

Typically from what I know, it all depends on who you join and what their doctrine is. If you go solo in null with that stuff, then not a clue seeing as though I don’t fly caps.

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It depends on who is preferring. You are better off asking the people in your corporation / alliance.
As a rule of thumb, almost no one uses Phoenixes out in nullsec. The other 3 dreads do just fine but also have the benefit of instant damage application that works during TiDi.

If you’re going solo, then it really doesn’t matter which one you use.