Why is the phoenix a bad dread to pvp?


It isnt, it is in fact the best all round dread.

Rapid torps are by far the best haw platform - they do the most dps and they always hit the target (great for when intis have you pinned) and you can apply your dps very well.

The phoenix itself has one of the most beefiest active tanks for a dread, plus buffer fit they still have solid ehp, its not rev level but its still good.

Xl torps are okay, iirc theyre not as high dps as a nag/moros however theyre still able to push like 10k dps, which when you consider the ability to fit max tank and max dps at the same time, is pretty great.

Phoenix is great in many situations, obviously you’re not gonna really wanna use one in a big armor cap fleet, but phoenix is very powerful in small-mid sized engagements. They can do well in large engagements however the raw ehp of the rev makes it more desirable.

I’ll only engage with medium fleets or to hotdrop with carriers & other caps some roaming fleets that annoy us. my mates tells me that phoenix is crap for that, being pretty new to EvE (6-7months of sub) i wanted to have differents minds on this.

Phoenix is great at that sorta stuff, although if youre this new ingame you shouldnt really be thinking of capitals.

The thing is that flying a cap is my goal on EvE. (and the phoenix is a beauty) And flying it well, so i’m trying to figure out everything on “how to”.
In sub cap, only thing i like is inties.
I’m really involved in the game, i’m just seeking for informations, i’m pretty sure of what i want to do :slight_smile:

Since you like inties and claimed to be new, I’ll recommend flying other frigates that can actually use guns - they’re more fun than most of the other classes tbh.

I’m saying this without checking your killboard, though, so maybe you have.

OP knows nothing!

Not playing that much PvP on this alt so you’ll mainly see dying barges :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah, might give a try to assault frigs first.

Hmu if you need fitting help

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