Phoenix ratting?

I would love to start ratting in a dread in a C5 (and in the future C6 once i got the hang of it) but was not sure what to train for. I got good missile and gunnery skills and T2 core already.

I myself was thinking of training for the phoenix. I have heard alot of stories that its the least optimal dread for ratting but was wondering if it is really that bad or if its just a bit more work. I wouldnt mind a 20% loss of potential isk since i know the phoenix is awesome at solo pvp against subcaps.(Which i would like to do in the future aswell)

Basicly my question is : Is the phoenix worth it to rat with in wh space or should i DEFINATELY train for something else? Would love to hear your opinions

Well I like the Phoenix but the reload time for rapid jesus launchers is too long and you will most likely sit there waiting for the launchers to reload most of the time.

I ran a Sanctum with a Phoenix on SiSi just to try out how it would take but it took 2 siege cycles because of the reload times.

Any other dread will do much better, maybe train for the moros, which will do fine.

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So if your going solo then no. If with others maybe. You will smart bomb your own missles and it doesn’t do that much damage. Tank is decent, and the application is great, but if you want to ratt efficiently then go with a rev or nag. If you do it in a pheonix then you are dropping your isk/hr by hundreds of millions.

P.S. Never ever drop caps on subcaps in a WH or WH alliance. You will get yourself evicted and its considered a dick move.

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