Dread and fax questions

The last time I sat in a dread was a long time ago and with what looks like impending war breaking out I thought I would get two alts skilled up and ready .

First question with the large alliance’s , do most have ship replacement schemes for losses in battle.

I really want a Phoenix and a MINOKAWA both alts are very close now and my plan is to get both into dreads eventually.

Is the Phoenix a good choice or are other dreads more popular , I do have an alt with a carrier but as they don’t seem to be used that much I’ll leave his out for now .

So any useful tips would be appreciated

The Dread meta seems to favour Zirnitras and Revelation Navy Issues nowadays if you look at recent Dread battles like Battle Report Tool

Phoenix (Navy Issue) isn’t bad I think, but from what I have heard missiles have some trouble in larger TIDI fights. Also from what I heard the selectable damage type and tank are pretty good though.

Personally I’m not really that experienced in dread battles - my own dread alt can fly a Naglfar (trained at a time when those were popular), but the Naglfar has fallen out of grace to be the least-favourite dread due to it’s low tank and first-to-be-killed status on grid. I think I may train into a Zirnitra next. I’m still looking for an opportunity to lose my Naglfar in battle, but sadly in years I still haven’t had an opportunity to drop it when I was able to join.

The setup time and the battle itself for dread drops can take some time which you need to be able to make time for.


If Phoenix, then Phoenix Navy.

The larger the fight, the better Turret Dreads become and the more important is Buffer+Fax Combo over Local Reps.

So the first decision to make is: In which engagements shall those Caps fight? Then you chose the Dread/Fax that performs well in that kind of fight and then you chose a fit that is built to synergize with the support-group you usually will have available.

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Ok I’ll aim for all round skills for now then I can switch to what I need, the fax seems more straightforward

Dreads feel like a fat marauder.

Approves of anything Caldari related

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