Dread fits

Just out of interest any Dread pilots would be kind enough to explain current fittings and uses.

1st off can you make Dreads setup for killing sub caps, killing battleships and battle cruisers .

If so which one can be used for this role or can they all.

Are any of the dreads better at anti dread setups and which are best for station bashing .

Or is it the case a Paladin fleet can do all the above


Man I hate these new forums… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: In the old forums somebody with experience would have already answered this…

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with fitting Dreads. However I’ll soon be training them so yeah, definitely interested in that info…


Same reason I asked really, about ready to pick the race so wanted to know what ship can do what .

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Since I mainly pilot Minmatar ships, choosing which Dread to train is pretty much already set. However, seeing answers to your questions would definitely help me in fitting it for optimal performance.

I currently have 9 days left for Capital Ships level 5 to finish training so I’m definitely looking at starting Dreadnought skill very soon.

Are you in null, low sec or looking for a trophy?

If you plan on actively using dreads… at minimum train Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V to unlock Siege Module II. Massive universal boost and it’s the standard for a lot of groups.

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Good to know thxs, low sec for now

If you go Nag (Minmatar) and drop yourself into a dread brawl expect to be primaried.

You will want a high grade pod set (ex: for EHP) (mid grade at minimum)

Don’t forget drugs either.

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Would like to try minmatar or caldari and why primed, if that’s what you ment

Nags often get primaried in moderate to large dread brawls (and capital/supercapital escalations) and killed quickly because of their lower EHP. Lowest hanging fruit to remove dread level DPS from the field.

Revs and Phoenixes have racial bonuses to resists (beefier EHP buffer) while Nags and Moroses have bonus to active local reps (easier for groups to chew through).

If you plan to only use your dread in a situation where there are very few capitals, and have good situational awareness to not get dropped on by the local low sec droppers, the Nag can shine.


Another way of finding fits for your purpose would be to look at the killboards. You may have to scroll a bit, but you should find the or a dread of choice that you like and look how that one was fit.

I do have experience fitting dreads, but those fits are specifically for the test server and the unrealistic amount of bling on them would not be a good reference point on the live server.

Yes, you can fit all current dreads for killing subcaps. In fact, if you know in advance that you will have a Paladin fleet incoming and wanna show them some respect, I would suggest, you fit capital guns with the short range ammo and alpha them off the field. Once they bastion, tracking should no longer be any issue.
In any other case, use the high-angle-weapons that were designed to do just that, deal with subcaps like battlecruisers and battleships.
You can still kill cruisers and destroyers, but you need to fit tracking computers for turrets dreads or a target painter for the missiles dreads. The annihilator launcher is even capable to erase frigates off the field, just don’t forget to paint them.
Usually I wouldn’t suggest bling but if the former price tags, that I remember are still valid today, I would suggest, you fit the faction target painter, the rf (republic fleet) one and overheat the painter for frigates and don’t overheat for the bigger ship classes.

Capital ships are a pain to fit. It’s not that they lack fitting space or modules, it is the many possibilities you have that makes it difficult. Not all used setups are useable for any situation.

I am not at liberty to disclose any capital ship setups that I have access to. However, since I am fitting ships for a very, very long time, I can give you some advice.

First, and don’t answer that here, answer that in your mind or all bets are off.

If you can be more or less sure that there will be no titans or supercatials for devine intervention, you can fit an active tank that should deal with up to 20-22000-ish incoming dps, at least for one siege cycle.
When I was fiddling with dreads on the test server, I found out, that all the regular tech 1 dreads can be fit to last one siege cycle with an active tank.
Once the siege cycle is over, you have to re-evaluate your situation. Ask yourself if you have the resources like capacitor or cap charges and the isotopes to keep going, or are you running low and need to either bug out or let your ship go down in flames with a spectacular explosion for the remaining audience.
If you can be sure, you can expect “divine intervention”, as in titans or super capitals, you should not fit an active tank. In that case, a strong buffer tank will be better.
Unfortunately, buffer tanks are on a timer. Once your buffer goes, your ship follows. If that is totally worth it to you, to field a dread, don’t forget your siege isotopes and at least enough jump fuel, to jump back to your station, if applicable.
Make sure, you insure your dread with the “platinum insurance”, since the insurance payout should cover at least somewhat of your loss.
Fit in any case on tech 2 guns and the tech 2 siege module. If you are unable to fit them, wait until your skill training allows for the tech 2 weapons.

If you have some free time, you should go on the test server, play with the fitting simulator, buy a dread with your fitting, undock and just fly around with it. No shooting stuff, just warp to a planet or warp to a gate or an asteroid belt and back to the station you were in.
That should give you a basic idea, how your capital ship is behaving and how it feels to move around with one.
If you are lucky, you landed in an asteroid belt with some pirates for you to shoot at. In that case, wait for your dread to stand still. Then go ahead and shoot them, but don’t go into siege yet. Just observe.
Once you press that button, you will be glued to that position for the duration of the siege cycle. Only press that button when your ship is sitting still.
Most people make that mistake and warp to zero on a spot and the second the “warping” sign disappear, they press siege and start firing.
That the worst thing you can do if you are dealing with subcaps. Since your ship was still moving when the siege button was pressed, your ship will keep moving and mess up your tracking. For the Phoenix, that is fine and has no influence on your torpedoes. Just don’t do it with turret dreads.

Happy hunting!


Thank you , that really helps and for taking the time to write all that down

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moros has nice damage, great tank, dont underestimate it and tracking.

keeping a dread occupied means being close to a market hub for certain comsumables and have 2-3 alts in haulers and smartbombing bs also great niche is the remote tracking computers you can have an alt improve on the already crazy dps and good tracking, fit faction webs, tracking computers and heavy webs

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The obvious, your favorite guns, 25000 plates, a capital prop mod, cap booster.

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I’m no experienced dread pilot but may be able to answer some questions.

Dreads have multiple weapon choices. Long range, short range, but also an anti-subcap ‘high angle’ weapon system.

You would want this last weapon system to use the dread against subcaps, preferably with some other modules to apply better.

The Phoenix (and Navy Issue) are popular against subcaps, or so I’ve heard. Missiles don’t need tracking, and it applies damage well.

For anti-dread dreads the Revelations are popular these days.

Zirnitra is nice for longer fights and bashes. I’ve heard of tricks to spool up the weapon system outside siege, to turn siege on only for a single cycle once spooled up to take down a structure shield timer. It minimises the risky time stuck in siege.

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