Dread ratting

Didn’t expect to kill the dread just wanted to test my dread but I also didn’t except to be warping off site with the dread still at full health I deal 2.6kdps when sieged so still a very basic dread setup but thought I would achieve more.


With 2600 dps while sieged I guess you’re using anti-subcap weapons?

If I look at Guristas Dreadnought - EVE Online Reference I see this dread repairs 1600 hitpoints a second. With 59% EM resists and 39% thermal resists against your ammo, that means about 3200 or more of your dps gets cancelled because with energy turrets you’re dealing at least 50% EM damage.

Maybe someone who actually does PvE in dreads can tell you more, but I think you cannot break this dread’s tank with anti-subcap guns on a Revelation.

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I get the sneaking suspicion you haven’t bothered talking to anyone about NPC dreads. To anyone in your corp nor alliance / coalition. The first thing people will tell you is they are beefy.

Not talking to people while fielding caps is painting a target on your back without backup.

Just use a Super.

Please use a Super!

So there’s 2 cap and 1 sun cap think the biggest problem for dps is they are t1 right now aswell as a t1 siege module so very low dps

My Vargur does similar in Bastion. You should be doing a whole lot more DPS than my Marauder.

If you bring a depot and either a 500mn micro warp-drive or the capital afterburner, you can propel yourself into warp with one cycle of that module.
If your armor boat would have an align time of more than 30 seconds, the 15-second timer on the capital afterburner or the 10-second cycle of the 500mn mwd is much shorter.

It may save your capital when you are in a hurry or in hostile space.

Or, if you have access to an alt, which I assume you do since you’re a cap pilot, just use an Ishtar. Simply have your Ishtar outside of 50km, warp your alt in with a frigate or other fast aligning ship. As soon as the dread red-boxes your alt, warp it out. That will turn off the repper on the dread as long as your Ishtar doesn’t get to close.

Ya I have sorted it out it basically just came out to wrong ammo used and not having art 3 of the guns as anti cap decreased my actual dps output by a large amount have heard of the Ishtar strat but never tried it tbh