NPC Dreads / Capitals


I’ve started to rat in carrier recently, and before i ask to my Alliance mates (before going back home) i wanted to ask here how much average DPS do we need to deal with NPC Dreads.

My 2k DPS (Chimera, yeah i know) arent enough at all, or there is something that i’m doing bad.

Anyone can help?

A Carrier “can” kill an npc dread but it takes a fair bit of work/luck and you risk losing a lot of fighters in the process. The dread can web and blap your fighters pretty quick and given it will spawn with a wave, there are other ships trying to do the same thing.

It is still better to fight a dread with a dread or a super. My ratting carrier is at 2600 dps and I still don’t bother trying to fight the dreads when they spawn.

Alright. When the dread poped in the anom, i just screamed on discord and Corp mates warped in with two others Thannies to help me.

So NPC dreads can web… lol.
I might continue to ask for help when Dreads spawns occur.

Thanks for reply o7

Or warp in with a Dread, right ?

Two carriers will handle it just fine. So, if you have help in the system you should be good. You can solo one if you have a dread of your own. Only annoying part of that is waiting for the siege timer then warping your slow fat self back out of the site.

They can web, neut, have mad reps and apply dps at staggering distances.

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