How do I kill NPC dread?

Hi all.
I’ve been looking all over the place and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

Is there a way to kill an NPC dread solo without super caps or a dread?

Thanks in advance

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Doubtful. But it depends on if you can get enough dps to overcome the ehp of the dread




without super caps or a dread?

Nope, don’t think so, unless you count multiboxing a few ships as ‘solo’.

Easiest to kill a dread if you don’t have supers or a dread nearby is to bring a group of people.


Thanks guys.

Ten thousand condors!

A proper fit carrier may have the dps to kill one, but 2+ is better.

You can kill them with a golem but it takes a very long time as the dps is only just enough to overcome the dread’s local rep. Two marauders make short work of them.

Do you have a good golem fit for it?

How is this going to work though since they will be dropping npc dread in highsec missions and escalations soon too

3 basilisk alts should do the trick. the third one is for redundancy only, in case the dread feels like attacking (and thereby cap-neuting the crap out of) one of the basis.

Where is the proof of this?

Oh wait just rumour mongering again, gotcha.

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Check out ashy’s wormhole fits, they’re mostly ott for ns anoms but they’ll tank and kill a dread How 2 Krab Part 8: Marauders » Ashy in Space

no dont do it. i almost lost my golem as traying to shoot him with cruise missiles. and the npc dread reply by 7000 of damage aganist my golem.
try naglfar or phoenox with xl torpedo and siege 2.

Well thanks for the replies. I decided to go with a phoenix rather than risk my Golem.

a carrier high skills faction fit very slowly will bring it down, be prepared to lose many fighters and they point, at least some do

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