How much dps to kill NPC dread

How much dps do you need to kill a NPC dreadnaught?

Angel dreadnaught?

is there hard number on how much it can tank?

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I haven’t used it much, but I think you can find that information on this site:

Apparently the Angel Dread repairs 16000 shield hp every 10 seconds, which you can use to calculate how much dps you need to do based on your damage type and the resists of the Dread (which are also available on the link).

Not sure if there’s another resource that’s more up to date, the database on the linked site hasn’t been updated since November 2019.

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It’s a dread…

probably a lot… I know I tried going into trig space this week… tried a drone site and I saw a giant ass drone carrier (overmind one or something like that)… I afk orbited it for 1 hour with medium drones before it died (arbitrator)…a nd that baby does not even repair it self…

needless to say it was a waste of time as i got like 20k isk in loot

you cannot easily do it with under 1900 dps, from experience

Serpentis Dreadnaught I use my Phoenix alone and it kills easily
Tryed two carriers but that don’t work because you have to recall fighters to reload missiles.

My Phoenix kill him with 3 salvos and after 5 min watching. :slight_smile:

normaly you take 120 M isk for escha dread

try xl torpedo

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