Hey gang, just wondering what the function of a (non super) carrier is as opposed to using a dread instead?

Ratting, Incursions come to mind. Carriers don’t have to siege and lock themselves in place for five minutes.

You can have an off-grid carrier that assigns their fighters to somebody else. Dreads have to be on-grid to apply their damage.

I didn’t think you could do this anymore?

Isn’t HAW ratting a thing now?

People use Naglfars to rat in Wormholes. But what are you going to do with your sieged Dread when neuts show up? You aren’t going anywhere. I am just going to warp off in my pre-aligned Carrier.

Used in null anoms so you can RMT the bounty ISK. Ask Alex, he knows all about it.

It’s a general purpose combat ship. So use it for general purpose combat.

Can’t do this anymore. That went away a long time ago.

9 seconds on google would have gotten you to
where over a year ago, u/redfers explained it like so

Well in all fairness he asked the function of the thing, not whether you could use it for ratting.

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its for ratting.

was that succinct enough for you?

not to mention I was responding to their “isnt HAW ratting a thing” comment. HAW ratting is a thing, but only if you are a moron, or in some specific cases in a wormhole. tbh training dreads is stupid AF, as carrier skill unlocks not only carriers, but FAX and moms.

of course none of that is what they asked… so by your logic I shouldnt have shared any of that
and you call yourself beast of revelations?

The problem is, it’s an incomplete answer. Sure, it’s for ratting. It’s also for other things, because it’s a general purpose combat ship. I mean, don’t PvP fleets exist with carriers in them? What about those?

General swiss army knife.

They can be used for a lot of things, and a lot of things at once.

Boosters, general DPS, anti-fighter, anti-sub cap, heavy tackle, various flavors of ratting. A max skilled carrier should out damage most common HAW dreads, and do it over a significantly longer range, but it does so at the expense of durability.

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