Post-Carrier Nerf... Marauders and Dreads?

So… as the title implies. With the carrier NSA tackle and application nerf, how many people think it is going to lead to an up-tick in marauder and dread ratting?

Obviously the fundamental flaw to dread ratting was their 5 minute siege, but I have to wonder if an alt couldn’t fix that and get you under 5 minutes.

Same with a marauder, obviously it was a case of “anything you can do, carrier can do better”. Yet now… marauders warping in at 100 will definitely have better application against smaller rats.

Being able to be aligned as well as not wasting ammo is still better than being stuck in place for 1/5 minutes respectively I would say.

Do you really think the changes are big enough to get people to change? … Sounds like too much hard work to me, they will just continue as is (maybe wait for the eggheads to produce the cookie cutter fit) just earn a little bit less.

The way I see it, if the changes don’t really result in fewer people carrier ratting, or at least more dead carriers, it’ll get nerfed again.

Ammo is cheap, you can even efficiently run faction if you use lasers. T2 ammo is definitely cost effective too.

I’d definitely disagree that carrier ratting is less hard work than a marauder or dread; there’s a lot of micro involved to keep your fighters alive. Dread/mara you literally just F1 the rats.

If it application against small targets is significantly reduced it will take longer to clear sites and likely cost more in terms of fighter losses. ISK/tick will go down - which is a
good thing as far as health of the economy is concerned. This may not have a big impact but I suspect it is simply the first step to reducing the bounty faucet.

I don’t live in null but if it was me. I’d just bring an alt in a mach to instant blap frigs at range. Then use the carrier to kill battleships in rock Havens.

The Carrier Nerf simply means 1 extra omni & rat aligned.

Also make sure you have friends nearby & a Cyno.

That’s it really. You can still bring in a healthy 75-80m an hour with average skills.

The problem with the bounty ( and ore ) surplus is simply that if you reduce it people will not fly 100m Bombers as much.

Which might be a good thing.

Carriers are fairly high in the click count, insofar as Eve is concerned. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it would be a serious pain in the ass.

So long as isk and ore both go down, pricing will remain “affordable” once things reach equilibrium. If you drop the ore without the isk, then the costs go up, conversely if you drop the isk without dropping the ore then the prices go down.

Reduce them together, and the prices will certainly change, but they’ll be just as easy or hard to buy as they are now because the relative cost will still be about the same.

If ticks are lower there is less ISK to spend.

If the Ore Harvest is made smaller then Ore prices may go up. And ship production may go down.

That’s a bad mix if the fit for your fleet is 100m etc.

And on the flip side of that, if your stuff isn’t selling because people don’t want to spend the isk, you’ll lower your price. True for ore as much as it is for manufactured goods.

Yes, the supply of ore goes down, which would drive the price up. But if the isk goes down, that’ll push the price down with it because people simply won’t pay it. I’m of course referring to after things level out.

I used to live in null and carrier rat (130mill an hour with ■■■■ skills) with a carrier that had a cloak fitted and sebo to compensate for lock time. So i do think it is do able.

If you armor tank the mach you can fit plenty of sebo and be near instant lock. So while the carrier locks the bs you just instant blap the frigs with the mach.

I know it’s a pain in the arse but it could work out you will make more isk if the frigs get instant blap.

EDIT: The main thing that will screw you big time is the respawn time on rock havens. Now that is a massive nerf and i wont move back to null until it’s undone. You can’t even smart bomb rally points anymore as CCP has screwed the respawn on them over.

Or if you´re in Guristas or Serpentis space, just use a Vindicator.
In the right circumstance you’ll get around 120 - 130m per hour. Loot not included.

The Vindicator ratting thread

Blaster ratting. Gross.

That’s a pretty substantial level of bling. You’re also well and truly ■■■■■■ if you get tackled by anything, which would be pretty easy because you aren’t pre-aligned.

Your ticks will probably be better if you swap out those blasters for 425s and warp in at 50. Pre-align to your safe at 75% of max, you’ll still blap things quickly and the moment you see local plus up you can warp instantly. No need to worry about bouncing off stuff, no need to worry about being tackled by a frigate rat that your drones haven’t killed yet.

It also frees up your 2 mid slots for a prop mod and a web, for that beautiful webbing bonus, in case something does get close to you. And because you’re farther away, the damage you’re exposed to is less, letting you pulse your rep and maintain cap stability even with the 425s.


Wouldn’t an MJD make you super safe in a ratting bs? Neut joins local just jump then warp. I mean 20 seconds total is a pretty low gtfo time but it’s still catchable like all things should be.

An MJD isn’t in the base fit dude had; there was no prop mod at all. In getting rid of the need for drones by making tracking moot (at range with 425s), you can just blap them before they get close which means your drones don’t need the omnis, which in turn means you can fit said prop mod.

I agree that an MJD makes a massive improvement on survivability, especially if the actual jump happens after the tackle is already in-warp towards you.

I’d say fit dual webs in place of those omnis (because you could EASILY blap cepters with anti-matter and tracking scripts), but honestly, it’s way too easy to end up tackled outside of web range. Best off just not getting tackled and the prop mod will help that the most. A single web and an MJD means that when you spool up, they have to dip in for the scram, at which point you can web them and murder their face.

Very interesting. I’ll check that out. The reason my fit is the way it is, is because of it’s simplicity. Just keeping an eye on local and you shouldn’t be in any significant risk of being tackled. No need to manage webs and propmods. But I will definetly have a look at those 425s :smile:

I don’t know what those sites look like, personally I’d be worried about either having a bad alignment (something in the way that you bounce off of while trying to get into warp to your safe), or being tackled by an NPC frigate that your drones have not dispatched yet.

Webs would be simple, you web what you shoot. F1 for web, F2 for guns, instead of F1 for guns. Maybe alternate between big targets and small targets, the cycle time on your web will definitely be longer than the lifespan of the frigate you decide to give a bad day.

MJD is basically just your get out of jail free card; NPCs only point, they don’t scram. So if you need to get out, you can MJD out of the point and warp to your safe.

The site has two rocks quite far away from each other if I remember correctly, but you’ll be far away enough from them so they won’t be an issue. And yes, the frigs pointing you will be your only concern since as soon as an enemy enters the system you warp off. Now reaction time + align time should give you about 10 seconds untill you´re in warp. So unless the enemy goes straight to your site immedietly upon entering the system and is ridiculously fast you should be just fine.

However. IF you have a really bad day and someone enters the system just as you start a new frigate wave (wave 4 or 6) and IF one of them points you, you’ll get a nice dose of adrenaline running through your body. :grimacing: The Wasp II’s, together with the omni links, will quickly dispatch of the frigs. You just have to hope they auto-targeted the right frig. In any case you should have started aligning, so as soon as you lock the frigs you blap them with your drones in a few seconds. Then ditch the drones and warp.

But that’s a fairly rare case. Most of the time you just warp off.

I have used webs before, both a single one, and two of them. But I reckon they´re unnecessary since your drones will handle frigs and BC’s very well, and on the cruiser waves you two-shot them with the guns anyway. So I just have 1 button (F1) for BS’s and cruisers and keybind one mouse-button for drones for frigs and BC’s. :smile:

MJD just seems like a wasted slot that would only be used very rarely, if at all. I’ve been ratting like this for a long time, never had a close encounter, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a neut enter and I was in the middle of killing a frig with point.

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