Carriers, Dreadnaughts, and Titans OH MY!

I heard recently that carriers, dreadnaughts, and Titans aren’t all that great for PVP. Is that true? And how are they when it comes to PVE?

Putting the obvious troll topic aside, I wish dreads were a viable option in null anoms. More fun(?) to use and great for content as well- stuck for 5 min instead of the aligned carrier that warps off as soon as someone sneezes in local.

Wasn’t trying to troll. I’m still a noob to the game. lol But why put them in the game if they are so unviable? Did they just get nerfed in the past or something? Or were they dead on arrival?

Eve= scissor paper stone
everythg is situational. In some situations, some ships will be better than others . Not in other situations
some small ships can destroy a big ship if they orbit fast and cannot be hit. You see the X wings vs Death star in star wars?
Bigger doesn’t mean better

So what are the bigger ships used for most often then? The one person I talked to in game made it sound like they are hardly used at all outside of ambushes in low sec.

Carriers- good for pve, roam around null and you will see them. for pvp too, but more for large fights or a quick gank
Dreads- wh pve, fleet fights or suicide drops on supers
Titans- after boson nerf probably not viable for pve, large all-in fights or doomsday drive-by

After the fighter/ doomsday/ capital high angle weapons changes capitals were op, now after several nerfs (recently fighters and cynos- indirect nerf) and introduction of triglavian ships (small signature, high resist, high damage- good at killing capitals) they are a bit meh.

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They are used to keep Null-sec’rs…who play the game from the toilet, occasionally glancing over to see if they need to warp away because 1 other person entered their solo system…from crapping themselves.

says alistair, who admitted himself in another thread that he does’nt know anything about null sec, and whose killboard says Ships destroyed: 25 lost: 23


In general:

  • As ship size increases, so do the skill requirements (character-wise) to optimally fly the ship.

  • Larger ships require more intel and/or tactical foresight than smaller ships do. This is because they are slower and harder to maneuver (meaning they can’t “pick and choose” engagements as easily).

  • Larger ships tend to be more vulnerable to smaller ships and/or multiple opponents. This is due to their minimal (or outright lack of) point-defense.

  • Larger ships tend to shine best when combined with support ships and/or other ships of their kind. This helps to either mitigate/cover their weakness or maximize their strength to the point where any weakness becomes laughable.

On the ground, this means:

  • Capitals are ideal for fights based around structures. The static nature of the battlefield (see: the need to protect or attack a single target) means that there isn’t a need to fly too much. Just drop in, set up support, lay in DPS, and react accordingly when hostiles show up.

  • Capitals can be used in small “battleship brawl” engagements around stargates as support (they are great for fast remote repairs and DPS support).
    However, using them in this way generally requires that the side using them end the fight quickly and GTFO. If anyone finds out (especially a bored null-sec warlord) then things can quickly escalate.


Indeed the very same. I sense the blue toilet bowl is strongly helmeting your head. Keeping you safe from the dangers beyond

If only it would keep the forums safe from your lack of knowledge. :eyeroll:

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