Wyvern PvP

Hi everyone !
I just hopped in the Carrier game, actually only Rating, but i’m totally in love with carrier gameplay.

For the moment i dont have ISKs to PvP with a simple carrier, but in the end i’d like to PvP in super carrier.

Especially in a Wyvern, any idea of things i have to know before ?

I’ll ask to my Alliance as well as soon but any more information is really appreciated

  1. Wyverns are sh​it.

  2. This is what skill injectors did to Eve.


Most people says Wyvern are ■■■■ - but stats says something different:

  1. During major engagements, armor tank supers are the first to die

  2. I’ve seen on reddit that Wyvern are used a lot in fleet engagements by NC for exemple

  3. You have absolutely 0 reasons why its ■■■■ expressed.

  4. I am not some kind of “elitist” dictating the world how he wants just because he has more time played on EvE. Accept this. Some people have a real life beside, others games to play as well, and sometimes want some help on forums.

Woah stop chimping out on me, all I said was the Wyvern is a bad super.


Tell me why ?

Because the other 3 exist. Armor capitals are objectively superior to shield capitals for a multitude of reasons that have already been discussed to death. The biggest problem with them is that they must be fit with a completely passive tank, as fitting active hardeners is a great way to die once you get neuted out. And if you’re fitting a passive buffer tank, you may as well go armor and use a Nyx for the DPS bonus.


i’ll look forward for the “Armor / Shield” Topic then.
Thanks for answers

Carrier in PvP? Sounds like a fleet issue.
Don’t fly alone too confidently through Nullsec with that vessel because that killmail will be a fest for most roaming parties around :slight_smile:
And prepare to lose it.

Never said about being alone. More about hotdrop / fleet & sov warfare.
As always, everyone needs to remember the first rule of EvE. :wink:

I think i just put this topic in the wrong category, i’m no where to be a “New Citizen”

yup, wrong category

Also, it would have lived if it was a shield super :wink:

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The first rule of EvE is get a Nyx.

That is all.

Correct. You want one of the PvP / Modules / Fitting forums.


moved :slight_smile:

Cuz the shieldy ones can have their resistances turned off with neuts, the armor ones have more options for passive modules that give resistances.

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yeap ! just looked at shield vs armor tanking in the forum. Though that hardener still worked a bit when turned off… havent seen that they patched it :slight_smile:

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