Thanatos or Nidhoggur, PvP vs PvE

I am getting ready to train into a carrier, i am a returning player (3rd time back) and i plan on subbing with the platinum pack and picking up a few other things so i will have roughly 6 to 7 mill SP to inject.

I already used my yearly respec and have two bonus ones still available.

My character is fairly new, i retired my mains.

I was wondering what the community finds the Pros and Cons of the Nid vs Thany for both PvP and PvE.

Give me your opinions…

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Check my lost mail for pvp carrier but all in all pvp carriers are ■■■■ right now.

Pve thanny is better for lvl 5s. But in general any carrier will work.

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Carriers are in a really bad spot in the game. There are usually cheaper ways to do whatever activity it is you want to do.


I’d vote that anything larger than a Marauder is in a pretty bad state due to how expensive everything is.

Even the Battleships themselves, particularly the non-T1 ships, are also very pricy.

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Hi, I like to say that carrots are good at ratting and cleaning signatures

Carriers have been sub-optimal for most purposes since CCP decided to nuke their usefulness. Your best bet is probably to fly something else. CCP has been ignoring all input that carriers suck, the only thing they’re likely to pay attention to is “nobody flies them anymore”.


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Whichever you choose… it will die quick.


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Love that noone answered the main question

Pros and Cons of the Nid vs Thany

Oops xD

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Few people are flying them from what I can tell, thus unlikely that anyone who flies both carriers, in both PvE and PvP, is going to see it or answer here.

OP can just google “EVE Thanatos vs Nidhoggur” for the few comparisons that exist. Most of which are outdated.

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Maybe because the slight differences they have do absolutely not matter for any activity you can use them for. I’d ask my corp/ally which one they would prefer. Thanny might fit better into Armor Doctrines, Niddy into environments where shields are used more often (availability of FAXes, Logis, Command Ships etc…).