My guide to flying solo PVP carriers, the written version :)

Hey everyone, I’ve been getting asked quite a lot recently about my thoughts on Solo Carrier PvP because of my videos, so I thought I’d put them here for you all explained!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

If you’re solo pvping in a carrier your carrier is often not the target, it’s your fighters, and since you play a carrier defensively rather than offensively you control the fight by engaging things close range to you, so the fighter speed bonus on the Nidhoggur doesn’t match up to the Thanatos’ fighter HP bonus.

The Thanatos also has the midslots you need, 5 mids is perfect for pvp, cap booster, webs, scram(or MWD if you’re playing safe), 2 omni trackers.

The tank doesn’t matter so much on a carrier since you should always be taking fights you have control over before even jumping in, but if things do get a bit dicey the Thanatos can get around 1.5mil ehp with 3k dps without implants, and that is not cap reliant unlike a shield carrier so if you get neuted out in a nidhoggur you’re basically down to 400k ehp.

You can also bait tank the Thanny really well, it’s something im working on putting together, a 1.3mil ehp hull tanked Thanny that’s actually cheaper than an armour fit one

My fit is:

Highs: NSA - 2 Heavy Neuts (dedspace these) - 2 Fighter support II
Mids: Grappler II - Abyssal Scram (range) - 2x Faction Omni Tracking links - Capital Cap Booster I
Lows: 2x Faction DDA - 2x Steel 25000 II - 2x Faction EANM
Fighters: 6 Sirens (3 preloaded) - maximum Firbolgs (hp + damage)
Cargo: Max 3200 charges - Mobile Depot - 50000MN I mwd
Rigs: I recommend going T1 Trimarks until you’re more confident with the ship cus T2 are 700mil each

Total cost: 2.5bil

The scram doesn’t work with the NSA activated and isn’t 100% required, but it’s handy at times to shut down tackle later in the fight - the MWD in the cargo is there for a refit if you need to get back to a gate quicker if you’re over 50km from gate.

Don’t target their sabre/bubbler straight away, it actually works in your favour if you’re bubbled because you’re not trapped in the bubble with them, they are trapped in the bubble with you >:)

Mmm oh and always the moment you enter a fight after cynoing in pump your cap up to max as priority 1, even more so than killing them off make sure your focus is on max cap - it will save you when you need to jump out!

OH and when you take a gate if you do it like me, always hold cloak for a few moments once you jump through, the session change timer can and will get you killed if you decloak at low hp and you get tackled again before you can session change again.

And my biggest thing, is take your time, recall your fighters, let the enemy shoot you for a while, you have all the time in the world to wait for someone to slip up and come into range of your grapple and neuts and then they are basically dead.

You can volley tackle instantly if you can grapple/neut them because they will panic and try to turn on their mwd whilst not moving fast enough, one cycle from your missiles will take them out…

Don’t always go for the quickest win, killing off their logi at the start of the fight will win quickly, but make everyone else leave fast, if you leave them alive you give the illusion that they have a fighting chance and you can maximise kills.

Always make sure you’re fuelled up enough to jump out (I forgot once and escaped with luck).

Heavy neuts are better than capital neuts, less cap to use, less cycle time.

Always have the NSA set to not recycle.

Don’t put more cap charges in your ship cargo than it’s maximum for 1 cycle, if you have a T1 cap booster and you have 6 charges in your cargo, the first time around it will refill 4, and then it will refill 2, and then you will have to wait to reload it again after 2 instead of 4 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the super wall of text, but this is most of what i have learned through flying my Thanny solo, i hope it helps :smiley:


@Beast_of_Revelations - As you had trouble popping an AFK Ishtar with your carrier, perhaps this post and/or associated videos might be of assistance for you.


Solo hunt with sub-capital ships.

I find it interesting that any visitors in your space without an overwhelming force think they can engage you in a capital. The problem is that in your home space you are not “solo” your bait and can out escalate most gangs that visit. They would have to believe they can kill you before the cavalry arrives.

I’m looking for somewhere to rat in a Super…

:arrow_down: This SUCKS for ratting. :arrow_down:
Short Bus

Most of the time if i call for anyone to join me its to provide my allies with content, not to win the fight, replacing a carrier takes about a day of work so it’s never really about winning or losing, its for the fun of it, the trouble with taking one to hostile space is that almost everyone will instantly drop supers/dreads on a carrier so it doesnt offer an interesting fight for anyone involved, just stat padding :sleepy:

I’ve done this for many many years, but now im enjoying capital vs as many people as i can find :grin:

And your alliance mates drop supers on 4 man gangs where the heaviest thing is a battlecruiser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehh, we actually get told off for doing that these days, i dropped one of my Nyx on a 5 man hostile force in our kerbing system and I had to give a detailed justification for doing it, it’s not good sport and it’s not worth the risk :blush:

It happens often enough that we pretty much expect it to happen and operate accordingly.

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Mmm, but you can see my point about not using a carrier for drops in enemy alliance space, its pretty much a 100% chance of being dropped by chonky boys

If someone were to bring a force big enough to kill my carrier that wasnt unfun to fight (looking at you kitey fleets) id defo take the fight and only request support for tackle/content :grin:

Actually even that’s not strictly true, i do defo take kitey fleet fights, i just tend to kill off their tackle and leave once i run out of stuff to kill

Oh of course. I wouldn’t expect you to throw your ship away. I was merely wondering why someone would engage your carrier in your space without overwhelming force due to the amount of backup that they usually display even against small annoyance level fleets.

Mmm because its fun i guess, its great practise too, taking 10-20 odd t1 cruisers to try to kill a carrier that has minimal support would be good content for them and their FC would likely take it, most of the fights ive had in my videos arent an overwhelming force on either side and ive nearly lost a few times, im actually really looking forward to the fights that i lose because they will be epic :heart_eyes:

An example would be last night. So they had a bait domi in U-Q and more than double our fleet in V-3 with a rapier somewhere in U-Q as well (and they have dropped supers and caps on us). So we came in and ganked the bait Domi and it was funny as hell how he complained about that we didn’t give him a “fair fight” and how shitty of players we were when he had double our fleet size (and much heavier ships) coming PLUS a cyno cloaked there. Most of the time they don’t come with a “fair fight” it is with 5X - 10X our fleet size. Lately caps and supers being dropped is more common not less. We still pay you a visit though but we know that we will be kicking the ant hill ;).

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ehh, that’s Eve :slight_smile:

Yes it is :smiley:

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I’m sure this guy knows what he’s doing. I’d like to see what he would have done against that particular Ishtar. Anyway, yeah, I’ll check out the vids.

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