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I was in the market for a carrier, just because I wanted one. Not all of the skills trained yet, but working on that. I just wanted to know the opinions of carrier owners; what is the best carrier choice? Seeing that fighters or drone are carriers only offense, which one has the most offense dps output? I like the look of minmitar carriers, but I’m not sure how to judge them, on speed, fighter/drone capacity, or offense output. So to all carrier-knowledgeable people out there, what is the best carrier?

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For PVP, definitely armour carriers. Speed isn’t much of an issue when you have a 3000m space whale, and the slight dps differences between carriers is pretty negligible. However, armour carriers can tank much more dps than their shield counterparts and most alliances have armour faxes as their main doctrine.
For PVE aka ratting, thanatos is your best bet. Not only does it pull the highest ticks due to having extra highslots and lowslots, enabling you to fit hyperspatial accelerators and 4 FSU’s with a cyno

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’ve seen lots of people use Thanatos as their carrier, wondering if it’s the best, I’ll look in to it

A counter-point to the Thanatos argument, the Nidhoggur gets and actual hull bonus for fighter speed, which will definitely help improve their ability to clear sites quickly. Not sure if the extra midslot on the Thanny can completely compensate for that.

I don’t do much carrier ratting myself, but I’ve witnessed many discussions/arguments about Thanatos vs Nidhoggur between bigger krabs than myself, so there doesn’t seem to be a generally agreed upon answer.

For PVE go with Niddy

For PVP go with whatever your alliance uses.

I use a Thanatos and it’s awesome, no complaints except it’s my least favorite in terms of appearance. Another factor that should influence your decision is which super you might want and the answer is probably Nyx…

Edit: A few more factors you might want to look at;

-Align time
-Slot layout
-Shield or armor (armor)

Honestly the more I think about it, Thanny is probably the way to go. There’s a reason it’s so popular.

Agreeable, Thanatos looks odd, but I’m still looking at lots of stats. I pve more than pvp so will look in to Nidhoggur more. Thanks for replies.

just fyi - Carriers cannot use drones, they use fighters only.

Two Drone Navigation computers, keep your fighters moving by cycling through the targets and having them orbit them - you’re fine.

nidhoggur is, sadly, best for pve…but Archon still looks best!

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