We have made it to the end of the capital line, save our money and fit the thing and now have lost rattings guns and Boson and now tank. Just hoping to get PVE HAW guns back at 5000 dps. Code it in that the guns only damage ships (RAT SHIPS) with a code that has it and does -99.999999999999999999% less on other ships. It wont impact anything but some people would like to officer hunt in titans.

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CCP may create PVE content balanced for supers and titans with appropriate risk/reward balance but I doubt they will (and hope they won’t) allow these ships to apply damage to subcaps in PVE or PVP.


Why do you think they nerfed BOSON ratting? Because they want people to rat with Titans?


They destroyed mining and gave the supers a 4th heavy. TONS more super PVE happening now. Why cant you just give titans the ability to pve? Why do we have to be subjected to these stupid pvp rules? How many Battle rorquals are there?? Why are supers allowed to fight subcaps still? REMOVE the super carriers abbility to fight subcaps or give titans the ability to fight subcap rats to. ITs FAIR. DONT give me this BS about ‘‘titans wernt ment for pve’’ crap because titans and super wernt ment to DOCK either.

Its the most expencive ship in the same and we deserve the right to fair gameplay.

REMOVE the ability for supers to fight subcap pvp and pve or give titans PVE guns for subcaps. ITs fair.

Because we did that and it sucked and ■■■■■■ the whole economy? Plex price exploding, inflation, etc? I mean you refuse to see it, but it clearly was a problem.

They just nerfed the application against subcaps, AGAIN, didnt they?

Why can a carrier use fighters and my VNI cant? It wOUld bE fAIrE ^^



Supers ability to apply damage to subcaps has been reduced and will be removed. Read the dev blogs.

“Now, substantial changes are being made to Super Carriers as well, but there is also an acknowledgement that Super Carriers need more to set them apart from Titans and Dreadnaughts as Capital killers before their Subcapital damage application can be fully removed.”

If new PVE is introduced for supers and titans, the rats will be flying capitals.

No. I mean i dont want heavys to hit a single bs, i dont want lights to hit any frig to bs size ship PVP OR PVE. I want supers to make ZERO isk and be made WORTHLESS just like my titan. REMOVE DRONES FROM super’s and REMOVE GUNS FROM TITANS. Make carriers and titans UNFITTABLE. Im done with having to suffer nerfs because of goonswarm abusing pvp/pve in mass numbers. NERF this game into the grounddddddddd pleaseeee. I got my retirment ships made useless so now everyone else should suffer.

I feel super bad for all Titan pilots.

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I still ask the same question over and over again. Why the hell do we have pve and mining ? I mean every one complains that people make to much isk on pve and mining or they just complain that not every one is doing pvp in a pvp game. Then CCP keeps nerfing pve/mining ■■■■ like lets nerf the amount of isk you make on conduits but keep them hard so you need bling ships to do them and so on.

I mean for the love of F-ing hell if people and CCP is so anti pve/mining just remove the ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and be done with it instead of just sucking away the fun with them.


Which is either a completely misinformed or ignorant question.


Its both :smiley:

I agree, there should be titan pve; and it should have the chance to escalate to unwinnable proportions.

The issue with titans isnt so much that there are lots of them, but that there are so few ways to lose them.


well non of you ass hats give a good answer. People say pve is needed yet they piss and hate on it like they wish it was not there.

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We got PvE+Mining in Eve, to give everything a value, a meaning. So people can say if i feed this super, i will need to grind lvl 4 missions for 200 houres.
Thats how we creat value in Eve, by connecting it to a pretty boring grind. Creating something like Titan ratting, which offers great income, loweres the value off stuff. It also fucks all the people that dont own a Titan. Thats why Titan ratting shouldnt be a thing. Its also far to easy to multibox to make it even more broken.

Well, even though you don’t deserve it here is some info.

The EVE universe is incredibly intertwined. Now just because it is a “PVP” game does not mean the only activity is blowing each other up. All aspects of the game are necessary to work together. PVE activities yield isk allowing people to purchase ships and modules. It gives items “value” as @Sarn_Melkan explained.

PVE activities also yield the components necessary to build all of the ships and modules. Mining provides ores. Mission salvage provides components necessary to build. Exploration loot provides items for building, blueprint research and so forth. All of these things are necessary to make EVE function in the way it does. These aspects are literally what make EVE so unique compared to other MMO’s

Now a frustration that people do complain about is that PVE activities are necessary to make the universe run. However much of the PVE activity historically has been kinda low effort activities that are pretty mundane and repetitive.

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Supers are usless against subcaps.
in this patch they nerfed tracking by 50%…
They exchanged light slot for heavy slot so it will have more dps with anti-capital fighter.

But with current no tank, you cant put many tracking links so you can’t even track a battleship.
WIth that in mind, how excatly super is anti-subcap if he can’t even effectively deal with bs?
I think right know it’s faster to kill frigate with dread than with super…

ATM, titans have only 1 role.
Bridging xD

But yeah, capital pilots have been punished for investing time and money into eve.
That’s very very very unreasonable from CCP.

Just remove all caps and refund skills and isk’s and minerals and i will be happy.
But for love of god, stop nerfing most expensive toys to zero.
Because you only punish veterans


Excuse me, but could it be that you fell on your head when you were a child?

100% how I feel.


i want my titan, idc if it cant use any mods at all. i made it and i want my 19km long ship. Just dont delete it. Im SICK of being punished for things GOONSWARM do in mass. We are ALL effected by them and CCP is nerfing goon’s activitys and the small lot of normal players are shafted. We need to NERF grid fleets so when 10 titans enter the battle, no more damage is applied. We need to nerf how much damage is allowed per grid to stop the insane goonswarm fleets of 200 + bombers or 150 trig ships. Its not fair. We lost a HEL in less then 4 mins with 8 HAC trig ships. It went down TO fast.

But ccp are sending mix’ed messages. They gave the titan a new model yet made it worthless and killed their tanks. Im almost done with eve. Why keep playing where im punished for things i never did or supported or SEEN while playing? I invested into titans and supers and now 3 years of skilling is being nerfed and turned uselss and now i have to PAY to extract skills just to lose 80% because im over 80m SP. I mean cmon.

SAD but its not fun to pve anymore because of these constant nerfs no one asked for.

There are people who often try to kill our caps with hotdrops.
But they often couldn’t due to umbrella.
They always cried how caps are op and it should not be allowed.
That’s why CCP did it.

I’m over 166m SP, and can use every capital in game, and i feels like every cap SP are now wasted so i would enjoy if they remove caps and return sp so i can fill rest of skills.

I’m against nerfing such expensive ships, after all loosing it is punishment enaugh.

CCP, please remove caps from game or give them back a meaning.
Super for me is only as freigher for fitted ships and titan is only for bridging subcaps.

My chimera have 2k dps
While hecate have 1k dps, just what the fu… is that.