Titan PvE

Okay, so since this update I can confidently say that I’ve read through at least 90% of the discussions related to this. I’ve seen peoples opinions both for and against the topic, and after all this reading its now my turn to share. First I’d like to start with this

I started playing this game a little over 4 years ago. For me the goal was to make money. As much as I could while still enjoying combat. Clearly the best way to meet those wants, would be to grind my way on up through the ratting ships and finally to a titan. I started as a VNI then moved up to a Rattle, carrier, super, and now just two days ago I bought my first titan. Now yay congrats but the catch is that now after years of grinding my titan is useless. I’m in Horde and the two options are bridge or possibly get the option to bash something with 1000 other players. I spent countless hours in order to build up both skill points and isk to reach the goal of a titan, and after all that time of following the grind, when its finally my turn I get screwed out of the only reason I started playing this game.

Now I’m truly desperate to get to use this thing at least once. Hell I’ve even borrowed one on the test server solely to try out wild ass fits with the goal that maybe one would justify the almost 80 bil spent. A 11 mil tick doesn’t help much and is worse then the first time I sat in a VNI thinking I was gonna make it rich.

So the big debate I’ve seen has followed this general trend. One group says that they make way to much money, are practically invulnerable if able to apply against subs, and are often abused by a certain large alliance. The other side simply states, they cost 80 bil and take forever to train to use well. I just want to say that I agree with both sides.

Despite that, with my biased position, I still think that the complete removal of all ratting ability is a massive ■■■■ YOU to all long term cap players of this game. I know there are many like myself that flew to there alliance staging for the first time, and sat there in marvel as we watched the titans undock, all while dreading the actual skill and isk cost required in getting there. In my opinion the negatives of money and abuse should be justified by the sheer time and money that must be invested to get there. Please keep the titan EHP nerfs and honestly if making them easier to kill is balance to their existence, then so be it. Right now there designed as glass cannons with little true purpose.

One idea that has come up in a forum which should really be considered ( and please leave your opinions) is a gun, mod, DD, or other weapon that has little effect to play ships but provides an ability to rat. This would once again add a certain justification to the purchase of one of these ships, and in such add another long term goal to PvE players of eve.

Why do you believe Titans ought to be used for krabbing?


Yeah, I don’t understand the expectation that a particular ship should be viable for a particular activity. Like, it seems back asswards. Personally, I start with the goal, and then chose the right tools for the job. Not start with the tool, try to make it work for a job, and then get upset when it doesn’t.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about titan ratting before, but people have been talking about nerfs to titan ratting for a while now. So it seems like you failed to do your research. I mean, it’s like trying to mine in a battleship in 2020, and then being upset that your mining income sucks.

Anyway, Titans are a huge investment, and, imho, an important aspirational goal. So, I can sympathize with a desire for them to have a more exciting and satisfying role. Until then, however, I’d advise people not to drop 80 bil on a ship without doing plenty of research and making absolutely sure that it’s something that they want to do.

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Couldn’t you use a titan for stuff like the Blood Raider engineering complex or level 5 missions? There a few places a titan might be advantageous.

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