Ccp ? open your eyes

Hello, I don’t always agree with you Ccp

I often take your defense

You announce a lot of things.
New structures.
New weapons we are still waiting for the heavy T3 bombs

a new region

But the only things you put in place … these are things that are not advertised …

the nerve for minors …

the nerve for the super …

the nerve for the titans …

Make anoamlie according to the ships

with big dificulty for the super.

back to career drone

For the titans …
players have farmed months of years to get titans and today they are only playable for fleet bridge.

do the necessary so that the player can pve with no?

Back up minered ?.
you have so nerfed the minerals why have a rorqal.

we can no longer sit.

Not to mention the career nerve … mtn it has become so easily killable …

I wonder if sometimes you think? you test your games before? to deploy a patch?

the pvp filaments are really good … you sometimes do good things like invasions or other …

why spoil everything at certain times

What a great poem


It’s like see a poem

p.s damm you ramona


If we still were allowed signatures, Id have quoted you in it :slight_smile:

Came expecting Bohemian Rhapsody parody.

Left disappointed.

This is what you get when you cater to carebears for over a decade: they get too uppity, and start asking for PvE content to farm with their titans, despite already being able to make 500 million ISK an hour.

If this isn’t a sign that the game needs a permanent blackout, I don’t know what is.


Carebearing is not PVE.

Greater the risk, Greater the payout.
You can use your Titan/supers to do PVE in null as long as you can afford to lose it.

AND RORQAL IS A PVP SHIP!(Slam the panic buttom with tons of drones and cap batteries). TRAMSFROMER ACTIVATED! :japanese_goblin:

I’m trying to parse just how “nerve” is being used.

Also, I thought Titans were for BFGing 'ceptor fleets.


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