Refonte minage / ratting

Hello as you ccp
I’m writing to you for two reasons the first one I’m proud of you that you have finally realized the balance of the game that is threatened
as a result of several nerves.

THE concern that I encounter as a minor and rating .
You have never set up plots in the gameplay.
in ratting you go from the simple quarry to the tics of 30-40M 20m …
to suppert … 100M-20minutes the vni … with the nerve 12m-20M

Why … there is no palliative between all these ships …

For mining with the nerve … you have made mining complicated in rorqual whales.
the impossible drone escalator played … with small rocks of 5000m?
I invested months and years of subscription for this gameplay for nothing?

you’re going to say barge ? but why mine in a barge when a barge brings you 20m per hour … when a whale brings you 150M per hour the difference between your barge T1 and T2 are useles …

I hope you are aware … of this problem and I’d like a cordial refund. #ccp#dev

They want to get rid of everything but pvp…

Eve is a pvp game…pvp only is the new aganda…

They just lost the way of the sandbox and this will destroy the game…

That’s all…

So does this mean you have changed your mind about what CCP are going to do with Eve then?

You and your various faces have been telling us for months that CCP are going to take the game mainstream, less PvP more farmville PvE … that was the only way Eve could go to survive?


Are you REALLY that stupid?

What i SAID is that CCP was doing the RIGHT thing,it WAS the right direction as they did some minor changes into the right direction ,but that it was FAR from beeing enough…

And yes…NOW the are going into the opposite (completly WRONG) direction and this is indeed BAD for the game…

Stop calling BS about what i said and stay at the FACTS.

Price of ore going up is a buff for every casual miner as they will just make more ISK.

The only one for who it can be a nerf are the super big alliances who used to mine with armies of miners buffed by capital mining ships.

So are you telling now that BUFFING the incomes of most solo casual farmers is a step to force them to PvP ?


Of course. If they have more money, they ought to spend it somewhere.

You couldn’t have said that in one of the other countless threads about this topic?

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On behalf of CCP: ■■■■ off.


■■■■ off Balos.


what does “Balos” actually mean?
Unfortunately I can’t find anything for that.

I first thought it was the name of a player


Balos Tritapo was the first known character of the player who now posts as Darlo.
His second character was Duos Prepitar or something.

He is remarkably self-unaware, which isn’t really uncommon for someone like him,
but at least learned not to deny it anymore when he’s being spotted and called out.

He deleted his former chars, which makes it hard to point at him and his posts,
and despite there existing full backups of the forum from some months ago …
… I can guarantee you that it’s not worth it.

Balos most famous quote, though, I will not withhold from you:

“Diversity is just watering the straight.”

Knowing that, you can make up your mind about him yourself. :slight_smile:


This is correct. Already been stated that mining missions incursions ratting etc will be removed in the near term to focus on pvp. These are great enhancements coming.

FYI here’s a list of the ones that I know about

Ari Kolapa, Hysan Tyrosur, Balos Tritapo, Traco Miritu and Duro Peripar.

Lets not forget his obscene comparison of the life of a hisec PvE player being akin to that of an African slave.


PvP has ALWAYS been the agenda in Eve, there’s nothing new about that.


Don’t even need to check to see that those are clearly him.

Thanks! :smiley:

Lol he claims that he’s biomassed 5 characters in 14 years, when in fact he’s biomassed 5 in less than 3.

If his claim to have been playing 14 years is in fact true, I’ll leave it to the imagination how many he biomassed in the other 11.


That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that he’s apparently been staying in this game for over a decade, always thinking that soon CCP will remove all PvP from highsec. I’m wondering if he deleted all those chars to help himself pretend that the experiences of his character are as ideal as he wants them to be.

Also do I feel sad for my german neighbours. Despite me shitting on them pretty much every single ■■■■■■■ day of the week and despite knowing that they’re a brainwashed political correct masses nowadays, I also know that there’s still plenty of people out there who use the word “asshole” in the same way as others use “please”, or “friend”.

“Hey Aschloch, reich’ ma’ 's Bier rüba” =
“Hey asshole, hand over the beer” =
“My dear friend, would you please hand me the beer over there?”

And then there’s guys like Balos …



Er hat einen Vogel im Kopf

Or as we say in English, he’s cuckoo.


You won’t believe what I just found!
I’ve googled “dumbest bird in the world” in german and found this.



The Kakapo has a rival in the US, the Killdeer. A bird so dumb it builds its nest and lays eggs on roads.