We need new PVE options for captial ships

So why have a titan you use only 1 per half a year? Same with a supercarrier, Faux, dreadnought or just a carrier. There needs to be more PVE for each of this capital ships. The only problems is bad internet. But i am sure you could find a way to make it work. People spend years earning up to these but still, they could be used a lot more.

How about you try some Sotiyos? Or diamond NPC spawns? Plus, you are a bit late with that “wish” because CCP is already working on it.

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Please remove caps now.


Same reasons individuals don’t take their personal aircraft carrier out for a joy ride IRL…

–Helpful Gadget

Please don’t. I still haven’t gotten to fire off a doomsday weapon or get my own carrier.

Neither the Universe, nor EVE Online, revolve around you.

The game would be much healthier if we at least got rid of Supers and Titans.


Yah, can we get mining missions for rorqual with special unique ores?


Capital ships are designed for pvp, not pve. The prevalence of capitals, especially rorquals and carriers/supers in pve, has proven very problematic for the economy in ways that are still not truly solved.

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Ill save you the effort

You dont get to choose when or what at with the first and the second is the single dullest thing ever and it amazed me how CCP had turned something amazing sounding into a snoozefest.

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