Titans are weak at Defending themselves

Over the years I have seen many videos of Titans tackled and bubbled against subcap fleets able to do nothing. I have never enjoyed seeing Titans killed that cannot fight back. I think Titans should be able to deploy some sort of drone defense mechanism much like when a Marauder enters Bastion a Titan could enter Defense mode turning off all Titan weapons for a period giving enough power to fight a subcap swarm, not enough to replace a NYX but enough to at least kill something.

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Yep… and they call that a space battle :rofl:

Titans are worth upwards 100b and are sitting ducks.


I guess I won’t be buying a Titan :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Titans used to be able to DD subcaps, but they nerfed the doomsday about a decade ago to only being able to shoot at caps and supers

This is why titans are not able to fight sub caps any more again:

And this is another reason why they cant do it anymore.

EVE Online Ragnarok - Titan Boson ratting - YouTube why they

Bigger/more expensive is not always better in Eve online. I know that the progression systems of many games result in higher level/more expensive gear being straight up better than cheaper, low level gear, and that this has led to many players having similar expectations for Eve. However, that kind of progression system would work extremely poorly with several of Eve’s other mechanics -namely, the full loot death mechanic, a slow-ass progression system, and no sort of matchmaking.

So, I am glad that different ships classes (including ships that can easily be flown by newer players) can all be good at different things, instead of merely being waypoints before players move on to bigger/more expensive ships. I love the fact that the ships that newbros can easily fly all have their strengths, are competitive, and are able to make meaningful contributions. And even as a vet, I love the fact that smaller cheaper ships can be better at some things than more expensive ships. I don’t want outcomes to be determined by who did the most grinding in order to get the most expensive ship.

It is for this reason that I am adamantly opposed to your changes. As far as I’m concerned, things are working as intended. Titans should be vulnerable to smaller, cheaper ships when they aren’t backed up by a support fleet.

No P2W


When I started Titans could DD an entire fleet through a cyno. Every BS was tanked to the max hoping there would not be a second DD being fired from the other side of the universe.

I agree with Shipwreck Jones.

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I hear you, so no solo Titan then, pity. Dread can solo. Carrier can solo. Titan can only be flown in TIDI.

and that is why they – along with supers – should just be removed because they cause nothing but issues. They have not a single positive aspect about them in terms of beneficial gameplay mechanics.

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Yes, that’s the point, they should be. Or rather they shouldn’t even exist at all but here we are.

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Remember that time I soloed a titan in my condor

A dread is not going to be soloing a fleet of cruisers without specifically being fit for it, and even then, only poorly. If its against bombers, its pretty much screwed and won’t be able to take any of them out.

A titan should have weaknesses. And like all big ships without drone bays, its weakness is smaller ships.

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